Siemens completes Janoub project in Dubai, strengthening transmission grid and feeding Electricity to Expo site 

Siemens has completed a 400/132 kiloVolt (kV) substation in Dubai, which will reinforce the city’s power grid and feed the newly developed areas, including Dubai World Center (DWC) and Dubai’s Expo site, with electricity. 


·    Janoub project will bring Electricity to DWC and the Expo site

·    First installation of 400kV single breaker technology in Dubai with high performance 

The Janoub 400/132 kV Substation is the first of five stations, awarded by the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) in 2018, to be energized. The project is part of DEWA’s strategy to increase the efficiency of electricity services and enhance the reliability of its infrastructure.

The project, located near the new airport DWC, applies the Siemens 400 kV single break technology for the first time in Dubai. The new circuit-breaking technology offers higher performance. It also has a resilient design to maximize the capacity of installations and protect the operational performance.

The Janoub project also uses 250kWp Solar panels on the roof of the substation. This brings the necessary power supply to the HVAC System (Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning), optimizing the energy consumption and the dependence on green energy. 


 “Following years of rapid growth and urbanization, Dubai continues to be one of the largest megacities in the region,” said Mahmoud Hanafy, Senior Vice President, Transmission Solutions, Siemens Energy, Middle East. “We are proud to work and continue to contribute to the authority’s strategic projects with our advanced power transmission technologies. The project also exemplifies our commitment to support the development of more efficient, reliable and greener power grids.”


The project includes supply of power transformers, automation, protection, automation and control systems as well as telecommunication equipment.

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Picture credits: Siemens AG

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