Held under the theme Shaping the Energy of Tomorrow from October 19 – 21, 2020, MEA Energy Week brought together ministers, CEOs, and industry leaders to drive forward the sustainability and decarbonization agenda at a defining moment in the energy industry.

Based on the discussions held during the virtual conference, Siemens Energy published 10 priorities to enable the facilitation of a successful long term energy transition and enable countries to thrive in the lower carbon world. 


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Day 1 – Transformation

Panel Session 1: The Energy of tomorrow and the shift to a more sustainable world


This session tackled the challenges of our industry as we advance towards greater sustainability, innovation and ultimately the transformation of the energy landscape.


Panel Session 2: Energizing Societies to enable successful and sustainable growth 


This session examined how to create a reliable, affordable and decarbonized energy supply, as the only way to achieve sustainable growth and prosperity for everyone.

Panel Session 3: Financing tomorrow’s energy systems to realize the potential of sustainability


This panel discussion investigated the roadmap to structure holistic and competitive financing models that can enable the shift towards more sustainable energy systems, while enhancing the power supply for emerging markets.

Day 2 – Innovation

Panel Session 1: Decarbonization of hydrocarbon industry  


This session explored how oil and gas companies and other industrial corporations can navigate the transition.

Panel Session 2: Digitalizing the energy industry 


This panel discussion explored how the latest advancements in digitalization can be leveraged to improve productivity and reduce manpower requirements across the entire chain.

Panel Session 3: Preparing societies for energy evolution


This session looked at the paradigm shift facing people, societies and businesses in the new energy world. It tackled changing labor requirements as well as workforce skill innovation to better prepare societies for the future.

Day 3 – Sustainability

Panel Session 1: Digitalization: The key to managing grid complexity and renewable integration


This session explored how improving economics are accelerating the development of renewable energy, distributed energy resources, and how to manage the complexity of integration.

Panel Session 2: Driving sector coupling: The hydrogen economy starts today!


This session examined how the public and private sector can work together to enable the large-scale industrialization of hydrogen.

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