REW-2020-supported Siemens Energy event and exposition

December 10-11, 2020, Moscow, VDNKh, Pavilion 55
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Russian Energy Week

Russian Energy Week Forum is the main energy efficiency event. The purpose of the Forum is to demonstrate the prospects of the Russian fuel and energy industry and unlock the potential of international cooperation in energy. The Forum is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation and the Government of Moscow and serves as a key platform for a discussion of the main challenges faced by the energy sector and its topical problems.

REW-2020-supported Siemens Energy event

December 10, 2020, Moscow, VDNKh, Pavilion 55

“Decarbonization as Major Trend and Prerequisite for Sustainability”


Under the auspices of REW-2020 Siemens Energy will organize an event “Decarbonization as Major Trend and Prerequisite for Sustainability”


The world's energy systems are undergoing a transformation process, in which environmentally friendly technologies and solutions play a major role. However, the transition to a sustainable energy system of the future will not happen overnight, and its decarbonization is not limited solely to the development of renewable energy. In this regard, innovative technologies for all segments of the fuel and energy market are coming to the forefront and are designed to significantly reduce the negative impact on the environment and at the same time maintain the economic efficiency of enterprises. In conditions when environmental goals are becoming an integral part of the strategy and policy not only of energy market key players, but also countries as a whole, it is necessary to answer the following questions: What is the energy system of the future? How to get ready for the upcoming changes in the energy landscape? Why is decarbonization coming to the forefront and what is its role in the new energy system formation? What needs to be done today to stay competitive in the future?


In a unique and innovative digital demo visualization format with a full immersion effect, our experts will not only answer these and other questions but also clearly demonstrate, based on the latest analytical data, what underlies the decarbonization trend and why it is so important.




Offline attendance of the event is by special invitation only.


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The event will be live-broadcasted. For maximum presence effect, watch the 360-degree broadcast

REW-2020-supported Siemens Energy exposition

December 10-11, 2020, Moscow, VDNKh, Pavilion 55

“We energize society. Let’s make tomorrow different today!”


Under the auspices of REW-2020 Siemens Energy will present an exposition “We energize society. Let's make tomorrow different today!”


Our world is constantly changing, and every day brings new challenges to the energy industry. The transformation of the global energy market is ongoing so rapidly that it is no longer enough to manage timely and flexibly adapt to the inevitable changes in the energy landscape, it is necessary to anticipate them. The modern energy market is turning into a complex multi-level system of multiple interconnections. To remain competitive in this complex and rapidly changing market, it is necessary to outpace the dynamic market trends. With wide experience and deep expertise, Siemens Energy can become a reliable partner and guide to the world of new technologies and the future of the energy system.


For the first time in the Russian market, in the format of a large-scale virtual 5D 360-degrees cinema with a full inside-the-film presence effect, Siemens Energy exposition will present the latest technologies and cutting-edge solutions for all segments of the energy market based on the most outstanding and prominent reference projects from all over the world. 

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The path to a CO2-free future

The world is striving for solutions to mitigate global warming. Using renewable energy from the power sector to reduce emissions across all sectors is the key to decarbonizing the world economy and opens up entirely new business models for energy providers.

The answer to this question is Power-to-X. It allows for the conversion of renewable energy into green e-Hydrogen or synthetic e-Fuels, making it possible to couple and power other sectors like industry, heating and mobility with a sustainable energy supply. Power-to-X unlocks enormous environmental and business potential. Green e-Hydrogen can be used to provide heat to industrial or residential applications or to power vehicles that run on fuel cells. And it can be re-electrified as needed when there is a lack of renewable power in the grid, thus using the gas grid as a giant long-term storage battery.


E-Hydrogen is also the basis for further syntheses into carbon-free  e-Ammonia and - by re-using CO2 - into carbon-neutral e-Hydrocarbons or e-Methanol, helping to decarbonize the entire economy. Trucks and ships will run on e-Fuels, and even planes will be powered with e-Jet Fuel. E-Ammonia is feedstock for fertilizers, e-Methanol a widely used base chemical as well. And because Power-to-X can use the existing structure for fossil fuels with hardly any adaptations, the sheer speed of change is unprecedented.

Download the new Siemens Energy white paper on Power-to-X

Power-to-X is integral to being successful in the new energy landscape. Use cases for industry and utilities are manifold, and package solutions offered by Siemens Energy make it easy for everyone to realize the full potential. If you want to know how deep decarbonization works in detail – which opportunities e-Fuels offer, and how they can be realized, and most of all: what is in it for you – then the Siemens Energy white paper on Power-to-X is a must-read. 

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