Santa powers up with Siemens Energy to put the magic into Christmas

With the festive season well and truly upon us… ‘tis the season to be jolly’ they say. Or maybe given the year we’ve had, ‘tis the season of ever-changing horizons’, perhaps seems more apt!  From dodging villainous viruses to looking out for one another, it’s fair to say we’ve all played our part this year, adapting and changing for the greater good of those around us.

And with the spirit of the holidays fast approaching, there’s another important individual gearing up to play their part as they consider how they too can adapt today to create a brighter future tomorrow! (All with a sprinkling of magic and fairy dust of course!)!

You see Santa Claus and his helpers have been thinking long and hard for some time now. As the icy North Pole melts away around them, they ponder on what is fast becoming another big threat to the world – that of climate change and global warming! 


Now we all know Santa is an incredibly wise and responsible man and it’s because of this he has decided 2020 will also be his year for change. A chance to introduce a new kind of business operation fuelled with the latest green technology!  Why? Well because wouldn’t the best gift of all be to live in a much safer, more sustainable world?


So, a supercharged carbon neutral sleigh, home and workshop it is… because to power through the pole Santa needs to be quick. With the delivery of gifts and the glow on children’s faces to make, for a greener future, it’s an investment he must take. But nothing is to fear, for we can provide a new way to work and travel this year – a more sustainable way to make hay on his sleigh!


We’ve clearly made this year’s ‘nice’ list as we’ve been given an exclusive interview with the big man himself. 

Santa, why did you choose Siemens Energy as a partner?  

"Quite simply Siemens Energy’s know-how and sector experience is second to none!  I became aware of Siemens Energy last year when I went to get some provisions in Trondheim in Norway, not far from my workshop. I’d left my sleigh just outside the small town of Rorvik (it causes quite a stir as you can imagine) and took the fully electric car ferry which crosses the Trondheim Fjord to Flakk. I was really impressed with the ferry’s battery power and how quiet and clean it was in this beautiful setting.   


I’ve also seen countless examples of their work across the globe developing innovative hydrogen solutions and I’m very impressed with their focus on supporting the decarbonisation of the entire energy system and providing environmentally friendly power. They are an organisation who are not afraid of a challenge and their mission of further developing gas turbines to operate with 100 percent hydrogen by 2030 is impressive.  


For me personally, I have plenty of renewable energy on site through wind and solar but given the scale of my operation, I also needed more continuous power and with hydrogen coupled with Siemens Energy’s technology they provide that solution brilliantly." 

What specific technology have you invested in? Tell us more...

"Well I’ve certainly had a significant upgrade thanks to the help of the Siemens Energy team.  This has included the installation of state of the art technology to enable sector coupling by connecting my solar panels and wind turbines with electrolyzer technology to make hydrogen, and then the turbine technology allows me to use the hydrogen I’ve produced as fuel for the generation of power & heat.


Hydrogen was most definitely the ‘missing link’, as I can produce it when it is very windy and then convert it back into electricity when the wind isn’t blowing. I love that it can also be used in other sectors, decarbonizing motor traffic or indeed air traffic like mine!" 

Why is decarbonisation important to you?

"To create a more sustainable future for all, quite simply we all need to play our part and be the change we want to see. Watching the polar caps melting around me and seeing some of the nature and habitats starting to disappear as I fly over on my annual trip saddens me.


From an ecological perspective, climate change requires the decarbonisation of economic systems worldwide. This affects not only the energy industry, which accounts for around 40 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions but also other sectors such as transport, heat and industry.  I believe green hydrogen will be key to minimising CO2 emissions to achieve climate neutrality in the long term.


I could see that Siemens Energy can help overcome these hurdles with its impressive technologies and is why I’m so proud to be collaborating with them this year.

As work starts to ramp up to make all the lovely gifts for our children, we need to be fully operational 24/7. Hydrogen means we can do this without generating any emissions. And that means when the big day arrives there’s lots of happy, smiley faces all round!"

The reindeers usually pull your sleigh, so why have you chosen hydrogen to power it instead? 

"You know from Prancer and Dancer to Comet and Cupid, Donner and Dasher and of course my trusted stalwart Rudolph, all my reindeers have done a truly impressive job over the years. But they agree that I should get a more high-tech sleigh. But they’re still at home and will be keeping the elves company as I depart for my travels.


Gone with the need for carrot fuel, alternatively we have equipped the famous sleigh with a hybrid propulsion system instead, fueled by green hydrogen and battery technology so I can fly around the entire globe without re-charging. I must say that I’m really impressed with what a versatile energy solution hydrogen is and the way it can power even the most demanding industries and transportation.


I am particularly impressed with the work being done to develop and industrialize synthetic fuel production for the mobility sector – this will be a gamechanger for decarbonization. And I’ve got to tell you, with the new hybrid propulsion system, my sleigh is like the Porsche of all the sleighs out there!


It’s onwards and upwards …. (quite literally shall we say!)"

Your workshop uses a lot of energy, how have you found the move to hydrogen? 

"I’ve been really impressed and it’s great to see our operation in full swing and working at maximum capacity. Who would have thought too that by using hydrogen, the only emission was water?  It’s pretty cool to think that green hydrogen is produced by electrolysis of water from renewable energy sources resulting in no nasty by-products or emission of harmful gases! The ozone layer can thank us for that!


And you can really see its global potential with the HYFLEXPOWER project which will demonstrate how renewable hydrogen can serve as a flexible means of storing energy and be powerful enough to fuel even a high-power industrial turbine.


What is certainly clear though, is that sustainably produced hydrogen IS changing the way we do things for the better. A key technology and gamechanger for the energy revolution, the future looks bright and it really is fantastic to be part of that journey.


Oh, now speaking of journeys …… it really is time I must leave, for it’s only a couple of weeks until the hard work begins!"