Asset Management to support optimised network performance

Asset management spanning maintenance, condition monitoring, spares management to consulting and strategic asset refurbishment and replacement for power grids.

By using our original equipment manufacturer knowledge and the power of data, we can give utility customers and asset owners deep insights in to the actual condition of their assets and pinpoint if, why and when interventions & investments need to be made, driving tangible optimisation.   Are you asking yourself: Am I doing the right maintenance at the right time? How will the condition of my assets develop in the future? When should I replace my assets? What is the condition of my assets right now? How to extend the lifetime of my assets? How to optimise CapEx and OpEx and plan long-term?  Our business services are accredited to ISO 55000 Asset Management, so you can leverage our long-standing UK and worldwide experience in the power delivery industry to optimize all stages of your asset management program.

UK Service Facility

With a long OEM history, Siemens has an excellent workshop and service facility at its Heaton Works, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne location.


Available 24/7 with a 4,300m2 floor space and 150tonne single lift capability to support our business operations associated with servicing, retrofit, overhaul, refurbishment, upgrade and repair of your switchgear and transformer assets including the manufacture and supply of spare parts.


The workshop also has a large decontamination facility to ensure the best possible clean air environment to support our service operational requirements.

Collaboration is key

Collaboration is vitally important to achieving our goal of network optimisation and really unlocks the potential of digitalisation. When OEMs such as Siemens work with network operators as a cohesive team, problems and challenges are recognised early and resolved quickly. Our unique expertise from 170 years engineering experience means we can calculate how far asset lifecycles can be extended to improve efficiency and reduce cost. On a global scale, Siemens is rapidly gathering new knowledge about how to enhance asset performance. By gathering asset data relating to operational efficiency, performance and environmental conditions, we can generate new insights into asset management and maintenance regimes. Talking to network providers and sharing these insights finds us one step closer to that ambition of total optimisation.

The power of data to uncover asset accurate condition

Networks and assets produce masses of data, but what does it tell us? Siemens has experts who, by using advanced analytics platforms, process the harvested data to give actionable insight and real context based on technical expertise, to assist asset management. This detailed data analysis means we can expertly advise asset owners on the best systems and applications to extend life and increase performance and efficiency. Conventional thinking may place expected asset life - from a regulatory perspective - at 25 or 40 years. But, with assets out there approaching 60 years old, we know that by sharing knowledge of improved performance and with detailed monitoring from point of installation, life can be extended even further or, more importantly, can be strategically optimised. With complete knowledge on the actual conditions of assets on your network enables investment planning from knowing when, where and why the next interventions and investments need to be made.

Asset management solutions to help optimise your network

With each day that passes, the demand for increased performance and reliability of our electrical systems grows in every market, sector and company worldwide. With ageing equipment, increased operating levels, strict safety requirements and a shortage of technical personnel with the necessary skills, these demands are at an all time high. Understanding the needs of the industry and listening to our customers is the key to our success. Our comprehensive, first class portfolio offers you innovative smart service solutions to help you achieve a more reliable, economic and efficient network solution. 

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