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Avoid the consequences of critical asset failure

Your challenge: Reliable energy supply – it’s the key to success for every enterprise in a globalised industrial world.


However, grid owners, utilities and industrial customers today face a combination of unprecedented challenges: delivering the same levels of performance from aging equipment; and managing expenditure cuts together with the loss of knowledge and expertise resulting from retirement or downsizing. Furthermore, operating that equipment at higher performance levels will inevitably affect its lifespan and reliability. 


This poses some serious questions: 


•  What is and will be the condition of my assets?

•  Am I doing the right maintenance at the right time?

•  Should I replace or extend the lifetime of my assets?

•  How can I best manage risk and Total Cost of Ownership?



In order to answer these questions, reliable condition monitoring is essential.


Our solution: Reliable and accurate switchgear condition data can be easily obtained through Siemens’ Assetguard range of solutions. These online switchgear monitoring solutions will help you avoid the consequences of failure in the most critical situations. They have been developed for use on switchgear for GIS and AIS applications from 66kV up to 800 kV.  Knowing which network components have to be maintained, repaired or even replaced, provides managers and operators the opportunity to answer the next question, ‘when do I intervene?’.


Benefits: Key benefits of reliable condition monitoring include:

•  Improved reliability through early detection of impending failure.

•  Avoidance of unplanned outages.

•  Reduction of repair costs through improved failure detection.

•  Improved switchgear availability.

•  A more efficient, cost-effective and proactive maintenance strategy.


Moreover, our portfolio extends beyond monitoring to cover the complete value chain of monitoring and diagnostics. We refer to this as a  simple three-step process: Assess – Address – Act!

In other words, we help you assess the state of your switchgear (condition monitoring), address the findings (asset data management) – and act upon them (asset performance management). Importantly, this also comes with the reassurance of Siemens’ expertise, having been involved in switchgear condition monitoring for over 30 years and manufacturing solutions for the industry for over 20 years.

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The monitoring and diagnostics value chain: Assess, Address, Act!

Monitoring and Diagnostics: harnessing the power of data

The need for condition monitoring solutions has never been greater than it is now. The ability easily to obtain information that will enable accurate prediction of intervention time –with clear guidance on the nature of the intervention required – means that you can face these challenges with renewed confidence.

How? Online condition monitoring offers great potential, but collecting data is not an end in itself. The crucial factor is using the data for higher-level analyses. Siemens harnesses the “power of data” by capturing, processing and analysing the facts: providing a sound basis for action, in both daily operations and long-term planning of asset performance management.

Assess: condition monitoring, collecting data

Online condition monitoring of primary substation equipment such as high-voltage gas-insulated switchgear and transformers reveals the current condition of your assets.

Its goals are straightforward: extended component life, meaning reduced lifecycle costs (OPEX and CAPEX); avoidance of dangerous or environmentally hazardous conditions; and avoidance of penalties by predicting and preventing equipment failures. We offer condition monitoring as a stand-alone product or integrated into an entire monitoring system.

As Siemens’ research has revealed, the majority of forced outages are predictable, and this presents network operators with a tremendous opportunity to safeguard their systems. 



Address: asset data management, processing data

Our substation or central monitoring system based on ISCM technology serves to integrate all monitored assets – or even the entire substation. The collected data is processed for extended analysis and diagnostics and provide recommendations for the operator’s daily business. A single screen interface displays the assets’ condition and clearly indicates where action is required. No more alarms will be overlooked.


Act: asset performance management, predicting future condition

Processing online condition monitoring data lays the foundations for further risk analysis. To obtain reliable recommendations for your asset performance management, we use dynamic software that was designed as a decision support tool (such as IPS Energy or Reliability Centred Asset Management – RCAM) for asset managers. The ability to assess and quantify your asset’s future condition creates a valuable basis for designing an optimised asset management strategy – and enhancing your asset’s performance as well.


Remote services

As an enhanced service for our customers, you can have Siemens Remote Diagnostic Centres monitor your assets or substations remotely, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All available products and services are based on ISCM technology.

Asset Management Services - Discover how Siemens can help you achieve an optimal maintenance and asset management strategy.

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