Siemens’ approach to managing grid complexity

Connecting grids

The changing energy landscape is making grid operation increasingly complex. Siemens Energy’s holistic approach is helping grid operators in the UK and around the world pursue their individual paths toward a successful business in the progressively decarbonized energy landscape.
New challenges

Managing the complexity of the grid

Electricity as a clean energy carrier is a basic requirement for any modern economy. The demand for reliably available power keeps rising everywhere. At the same time, energy ecosystems are undergoing profound change. Grid infrastructures around the world need to live up to these challenges.

Challenges that call for expert solutions

Individual challenges vary to a certain degree among markets, regions, and supply areas. In an overall context, however, there are three distinct situations that are characterized by specific inherent difficulties:


Our solutions in practice

Gain an overview of the projects that have been implemented successfully in transmission systems in the UK using solution skills and technology from Siemens Energy.
Fields of action

Integrated thinking ensures lasting success

Siemens’ integrated approach focuses on making optimal use of digitalization in any given context. It takes account of the entire value stream, from consulting, planning, and simulation to financing, implementation, operation, maintenance, and service. Siemens supports customers around the world with a wealth of expertise in planning, setting up, and operating digitally enabled grid infrastructures capable of ensuring the reliable and safe supply of power in increasingly decarbonized energy systems.

Digitalization closes the loop

Digitalization offers a wealth of new opportunities on both the technology and business fronts. Leveraging these opportunities with an integrated approach allows grid operators to achieve their goals more quickly and precisely and to be prepared for future challenges. Whether the challenge is to construct and provide the required grid capacity, to modernize existing infrastructure and enhance its operation, to boost grid resilience, or to make infrastructure and data available to third parties in liberalized markets: An integrated approach based on the following three pillars provides the key to success.

Consistent planning

The basis for future success in grid operation is laid well ahead of investment decisions. That’s why Siemens starts supporting its customers all over the world in the very first steps of project planning and development with in-depth consulting, a unique range of planning and simulation tools for network operation, and innovative financing options.

Digitally enhanced operations

The numerous new opportunities that digitalization and cloud-based IoT applications make available take grid operation to the next level. Siemens’ pioneering solutions cover all key areas of grid operation – from fast-tracked out-of-the-box solutions for the (re-)establishment of power supply and resilient grid infrastructures that facilitate the grid connection of distributed generation to technologies that enable the interconnection of grids and sectors.

Additional value creation

New value streams and business opportunities emerge from interactions with other market players and sectors. Grid operators can exploit these potentials with the help of Siemens’ specially developed applications, state-of-the-art interfaces, and digital services such as intelligent data analytics.


What the experts say

Digitalization provides the prerequisites for success in an increasingly decarbonized and distributed energy landscape – and it’s gaining momentum. Here’s where you can get first-hand insights from international transmission experts. Learn more about their expectations and experiences with digitally enabled technologies in the context of a changing market environment.