Balancing, Overspeed and Testing

The balancing, overspeed and testing of rotors at our Service Facility in Newcastle gives plant operators the confidence that they are fully proven and will operate successfully. There is also the assurance that minimal balancing will be necessary on site, speeding up the return to service and reducing costs.

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We balance and test steam and gas turbine rotors, compressor rotors, generator rotors and exciter rotors. Our capabilities are often called upon as part of an overall service package but we also provide a standalone service to power plant owners and other service facilities.

Our highly methodical approach, efficient processes and software analysis tools enable us to turnaround rotors in the tightest of timescales. We understand how vital it is that power plant owners meet their outage schedules and we can work 24 hours a day to accommodate their deadlines.

As well as balancing Siemens and Parsons equipment we balance and test many machines produced by third party manufacturers. Significant investment in our facilities at Newcastle, coupled with a wealth of technical knowledge and years of experience, has created a valued centre of excellence in the UK.

Vacuum chamber high speed balancing facility

Services offered include:

  • Balancing and testing of steam, gas and compressor rotors


Facility capabilities:

  • Rotor length up to 10,058mm
  • Rotor weight up to 150 tonne
  • Journal diameter up to 823mm
  • Blade tip diameter up to 5,690mm
  • Balance and overspeed up to 4,500rpm
  • Operating speed (with gear box) up to 18,000rpm for industrial units

Generator and exciter rotor balancing facility

Services offered include:

  • High speed balancing and overspeed
  • Mechanical and thermal settling by cold and hot overspeeds
  • Thermal assessment by either windage heating (at operational speed) or heating at barring speed by passing current through the windings
  • Electrical tests including shorted turns, recurrent surge oscillograph (RSO), high voltage and impedance


Facility capabilities:

  • Rotor length up to 30,480mm
  • Rotor weight up to 300 tonne
  • Journal diameter up to 823mm
  • Balance and overspeed up to 4,500rpm

Low speed balancing facility

For the balancing of rigid and semi-rigid rotors and trim balancing prior to high speed balancing

  • Rotor length up to 14,100mm
  • Rotor power up to 820MW
  • Operating speed up to 1,000rpm