Vibration Analysis

Breadth of expertise

Our engineers work on 5MW to 800MW steam and gas turbine generators built by Siemens, Parsons and Westinghouse as well as machines built by other manufacturers. Our experience spans small pumps and compressors and medium to large fossil plant, up to the largest nuclear generating units.

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Full range of diagnostic statistics

We’ve invested in highly sophisticated portable data acquisition systems and motion amplification camera technology.  Our services include vibration surveys, in-situ single and multi-plane balancing, fault diagnosis, impact resonance testing and plant condition assessment. Customers call on us when they suspect a machine is developing a fault, or when they have noted increased vibrations and want to understand the cause and the options for improvement. On other occasions they simply wish to seek the assurance of a vibration specialist during plant recommisioning. 


On-site reassurance

On-the spot expertise allows for fast diagnosis and quick decision making. By being on site as a machine runs up after an outage, we're on hand to take immediate action in the event of a fault developing. We can also take additional measurements, such as horizontal and axial;


Reduced commissioning time
Another benefit of being on site is that we can interface effectively with the commissioning team, conducting

tests in parallel to enable a faster response. And we can deploy more detailed acquisition software, enabling us to diagnose specific problems such as oil whirl vibration which the power plant’s own instrumentation may be unable to detect.

Remote diagnosis

Remote diagnosis is sometimes a more cost-effective option for routine work. The ability to transfer data almost instantaneously anywhere in the world can lead to earlier recognition and management of vibration problems and prevent machine failure. We have remote links to a number of UK power stations and have also remotely monitored machines in countries around the world.

Quick mobilisation

Our engineers can be mobilised to arrive at any station in the world in the shortest of timescales. If we need to be on the other side of the world within 48 hours and there’s no time to ship equipment in advance, we’ll often hand carry it.

Regular communication

Good communication is vital, especially when there are time pressures. Regular customer meetings on site, to ensure everyone is kept fully informed of what our investigations have revealed and our proposed action plan, are key to success.

Calibrating equipment

We calibrate our equipment after each site visit to guarantee measurement accuracy and integrity.Customers can therefore have complete confidence in the performance of our monitoring equipment. Customers can therefore have complete confidence in the performance of our monitoring equipment.