NAM Energy Talks 2022

Is North America ready for the energy transition? 

Let's make tomorrow different today 

Is North America ready for the Energy Transition?

The North American region leads the energy transition with clean energy developments globally yet still has the highest levels of emissions per capita in the world. For further reductions to be possible, a concerted effort is needed at all levels of industry, politics, and society.
Learn all about the North American Energy Transition Readiness Index, created in partnership with International Consulting firm Roland Berger.


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" I want to challenge everybody: Let’s go for it! The year 2050 is going to be here before we know it. Now is the time to act."
Rich Voorberg, President Siemens Energy North America

Honestly, we need to talk.

More than 130 attendees and over 950 online participants had the chance to engage in honest conversations with energy leaders at Energy Talks. It was an opportunity for panelists to tackle some of the toughest challenges facing the industry. Rich Voorberg, President of Siemens Energy North America, set the stage and highlighted the topics for the day. Voorberg said, “ It's all about driving the energy transition. I really love this opportunity that we can come together as partners, as everybody working together because we can't do it alone. The solution, a lot of it, lies right here in this room. We're excited to talk about energy transition today because that is what we, as Siemens Energy, live for. “ 


Throughout the day several themes emerged: What will be the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act? What will the midterm elections mean for the US Energy Sector? How can the public and private sectors collaborate to move innovation forward?  Honestly, we need to talk… and keep talking. This event was the first of many that will take place across the country over the next year.  Watch the recordings below and stay tuned for more information about future Energy Talks. 

Welcome to Energy Talks 2022

Rich Voorberg opened the event and discussed the key trends facing the North American energy market today.

Speaker: Rich Voorberg, President, Siemens Energy North America

View from Washington: "The Moment before Midterms: What the Election Could Mean for the US Energy Sector

A ‘food for thought’ conversation about the state of energy 12 days before the election. Will the energy transition slow down if the House “flips” or does it really matter which party is in control? Hear the discussion on possible outcomes and what steps energy companies are taking to prepare.


Keynote Speaker:

Ron Brownstein, CNN Senior Political Analyst, Senior Editor for The Atlantic, and Contributing Editor for National Journal


Fossil fuels are an answer: LNG’s role in decarbonizing the natural gas value chain

The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the sanctions that followed have spiked oil prices and forced countries to reconsider their energy supplies. It’s also thrust the US and Canada center stage for LNG exports to Europe and the world. As a result, LNG is now a national security topic for European and U.S. governments. But in the bigger picture of the energy transition, will this push for more LNG help expedite that transition or threaten to derail our long-term goals to mitigate climate change?


Moderated by: Lee Nichols, Editor-in-Chief & Associate Publisher, Hydrocarbon Processing, & VP of Content, Gulf Energy Information



  • Bill Breckenridge, Vice President – Director, Offshore Fuel Producers & Heavy Industry, Black and Veatch 
  • Leo Power, President & CEO, LNG Newfoundland and Labrador Limited
  • Robert Shivers, CEO, Grand Isle LNG
  • Davis Thames, President & CEO, Western LNG

CO2 Capture Monetization Interview

As industries work to take CO2 out of their processes, how do they monetize the CO2? From storage options to using in oil fields to selling for credits, new models need to be addressed. In this session, we will explore opportunities and trends in this emerging field.


Moderated by: Eleonor Kramarz- Head of Energy Transition Consulting Americas



  • Tom Meehan, Executive Vice President, Sargent and Lundy
  • Clark White, Executive Vice President, Targa Resources
  • Gerry DillemuthDirector,CO2 & H2 Compression Sales Americas, Siemens Energy

Infrastructure is an issue: a different energy mix requires faster modernization, providing a significant opportunity to upgrade and digitize

Houston has faced in the last couple of years the most critical grid issues in history. Infrastructure modernization not just in this city, but in North America is key to accelerate the pace of transition. Transmission grids are the bedrock of energy transition and will be key in ferrying generation to the load. This means reliability, resiliency, security and efficiency of grid infrastructure is in the spotlight. Further, various factors will impact the market, including rising global energy demands, increased focus on sustainability, digitalization and renewable energy, as well as the expansion and interconnection of a decentralized grid infrastructure. How will the industry support the buildout and upgrade of infrastructure while keeping current societal expectations for reliability?

Moderated by: Rachel Permut, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), GRIDIRON LLC, 



  • Tim Holt, Executive Board Member, Siemens Energy
  • Brook Knodel, Director, Head of Engineering, Orsted
  • Kris Zadlo, Chief Development Officer, Grid United


Renewables don’t come for free: cost barriers to no-carbon technologies

As climate change heats up our planet, how do we employ renewable technologies on a much bigger scale, with an energy system built on an entirely different model, to solve the climate crisis? We need to incorporate wind, solar, and hydrogen to meet 2050 net zero targets. North America has seen remarkable progress over the past few years, but what do we need to do to move forward and make a green North America powered by multiple renewable resources a reality?


Moderated by: Gene Grace, General Counsel, American Clean Power



  • David Balfrey, Senior Vice President of Asset Management and Technology, Apex Clean Energy
  • Mathieu Français,Vice President, E&C Americas and CEO of Air Liquide E&C US
  • Brooke Vandygriff, Chief Operation Officer, HIF USA

Technology is not the issue: the need for faster adoption of innovative approaches

We have the technology to create energy with a much lower greenhouse gas footprint. The key to implementing it is to step out of our comfort zone and engage with the disruption and trend shifts in the sustainable energy industry. With electricity consumption expected to double globally by 2040 we need to implement clean energy solutions in an affordable, scalable, and sustainable way, without leaving behind the society it is meant to benefit. Job skills will need to change as new technologies are implemented. How do we make sure we don’t leave behind the people that this new technology is designed to help?


Moderated by: Greg Douquet, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Red Duke Strategies LLC



  • Leslie Beyer, CEO, Energy Workforce and Technology Council
  • David Doctor, Operating Partner, Sia Partners
  • Edward Herderick, Director of Additive Manufacturing, Ohio State University
  • Sergio Vera, Siemens Energy (Intro)
  • Andre Walker SVP Power Operations, Pattern Energy

We can’t do it alone: Collaboration across public and private sectors

When we get together at events like this, it becomes clear that technology is not our issue. What is the issue is finding ways to work together better and faster, across industry and government silos, and to get policies in place to promote faster innovation (and the adoption of that innovation). This also facing new realities on supply chain challenges and an opportunity for America to go ‘glocal’ and rebuild our domestic resilience, lead on innovation and invest in the next century of our leadership and growth.


Moderated by: Janice Lin, Founder and CEO, Green Hydrogen Coalition



  • Matthew Gardner General Manager, ET Operations & Maintenance, Dominion Energy
  • Bryan Hanson Executive Vice President and Chief Generation Officer, Constellation Energy
  • Regis Repko, SVP, Generation & Transmission Market Transformation, Duke Energy
  • Rich Voorberg, President, Siemens Energy North America


Closing remarks delivered by Tim Holt, Executive Board Member, Siemens Energy



Tim Holt, Executive Board Member, Siemens Energy