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North America Energy Week

September 15-16, 2021

The energy sector is undergoing an unprecedented transformation. The demand for energy is increasing worldwide, and at the same time, it is necessary to combat the effects of climate change and reduce CO2 emissions.


On September 15th – 16th, 2021, we were proud to host North America Energy Week where leading experts, from government to energy producers and OEMs, discussed how the energy industry is transforming and what this means for North America.

Top 10 Takeaways to ensure a successful energy transition:

Watch the session recordings below.

Welcome to North America Energy Week.

Rich Voorberg opened the event and discussed the key trends facing the North American energy market today.

Speaker: Rich Voorberg, President, Siemens Energy North America

How will the region’s economy shape our energy future?

Reliable, affordable, and decarbonized energy supply is essential to North America’s long-term economic prosperity. Energy Week kicked off with the big-picture view about how the path to sustainability aligns with economic forces in the region. 



  • Christian Bruch, President and CEO, Siemens Energy
  • Dr. Ernest Moniz, Former U.S. Secretary of Energy


Session introduced by: Rich Voorberg, President, Siemens Energy North America

Balancing Act: How do ISOs work together to maintain reliability of electricity during the transition to renewables?

ISOs have the 24/7 challenge of ensuring the electricity needs of their customers are met, whether the sun is shining, the wind is blowing, there are heatwaves, natural disasters or snowstorms. With added renewable generation on the grid and changing regulations across the regions, how do our ISOs work to keep their regions in constant supply of energy? What does the energy transition mean to them? How do they work together, and what needs to happen to support the energy transition?



  • Dr. Jay Liu, Senior Lead Engineer, PJM   
  • Gabe Murtaugh, Storage Sector Manager, California ISO


Moderator: Tim Holt, Member of the Executive Board, Siemens Energy  

Energy producers and users: How are they reinventing themselves for the energy transition?

The energy transformation requires a reinvention of many traditional market players. Companies from diverse markets share what they are doing now to stay ahead of the curve and what they’ve learned from the process of reinvention so far. How are these organizations future-proofing their operations? How are their communities impacted? What are the biggest challenges?



  • Nicholas Waibel, Global Energy Lead, Tate and Lyle       
  • Kevin Curtis, Vice President, Electric Transmission, Dominion Energy      
  • Aron Willis, Executive Vice President, Growth, TransAlta Corporation


Moderator: Ellen Hsu, Head of Finance, North America, Siemens Energy


Panel introduced by: Karim Amin, Executive Vice President, Generation, Siemens Energy

Preparing the workforce for the future of energy.

As our organizations transform, so must our workforce. How do we prepare employees to succeed in a rapidly changing energy landscape? How do we attract and retain talent that represents the diversity of our society? How do we foster collaboration and engagement in a challenging and evolving industry?



  • Dr. Cynthia Brown, Head of Training, Service Americas, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy       
  • Aftab Khan, Senior Vice President- Engineering, Eversource       
  • Katherine Forsythe, Manager Materials & Equipment in Category Management, TC Energy


Moderator: Dr. Jay Kapat, Professor and Trustee Chair, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Central Florida

Ensuring a reliable – and affordable -- energy supply in North America.

With the rapid pace of economic growth and increased electricity demands, one thing is abundantly clear – our society depends on energy. It is critical to have a secure energy supply. How can greater reliability be built into energy systems that will protect against extreme conditions while advancing decarbonization?  In this session, we discussed what needs to be done to ensure that North America has a reliable energy supply – all while still being affordable to consumers.



  • Paul Thompson, President and CEO, Louisville Gas & Electric and KU Energy       
  • Trey Ward, Founder and CEO, Direct Connect Development Company    
  • Freddy Sanches, Technical Manager, Gas Transmission and Midstream Market Innovation, Enbridge


Moderator: Aaron Larson, Executive Editor, Power Magazine


Panel introduced by: Thorbjorn Fors, Executive Vice President, Industrial Applications, Siemens Energy

How can we build a sustainable future? Exploring the impacts of government policy on the energy sector.

In a sector driven primarily by private investment, government initiatives to accelerate the energy transition have a major impact on the speed and the flexibility both public and private actors have to develop and install advanced clean technologies. This panel explored the role governments play in the decarbonization of North America and what this means for our industry.



  • Jacob Irving, President, Energy Council of Canada          
  • The Honorable David B. McKinley, P.E. (R-WV), United States House of Representatives  
  • The Honorable Kurt Schrader (D-OR), United States House of Representatives


Moderator: Marty Durbin, President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Global Energy Institute and Senior Vice President of Policy

If you are not disrupting your business, someone else is – Innovation in the Energy Sector

Speaker: Salim Ismail, Chairman, OpenExO

What are the pathways to decarbonization?

In the face of climate change, the energy industry needs to implement strategies that provide sustainable and affordable energy while responsibly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But decarbonization takes time, it is not an overnight shift. In this session, we explored the different pathways that can be taken on the journey to net zero.



  • Nick Irvin, Director, Energy Production Research and Development at Southern Company           
  • Matt Von Ruden, Director of Vessel Engineering & Maintenance, Washington State Ferries
  • Muhammad Sohail, Vice President, Switching Products North America, Siemens Energy


Moderator: Alex Morris, Senior Vice President at Strategen and Executive Director of the California Energy Storage Alliance


Panel introduced by: Dr. Beatrix Natter, Executive Vice President, Transmission, Siemens Energy

The promise of a better digital energy future is here—now we must secure it.

The digital energy transition hinges on cybersecurity to defend the affordable, efficient, and clean energy as it powers homes and businesses across the world. Industry experts discussed why securing the new energy landscape is the most important challenge facing energy companies today.



Adrienne Lotto, Vice President, Chief Risk and Resilience Officer, New York Power Authority

Randolph Bell, Director, Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center 

Melanie Kenderdine, Principal, Energy Futures Initiative


Moderator: Leo Simonovich, Vice President and Global Head, Industrial Cyber and Digital Security, Siemens Energy

The hydrogen economy in North America: opportunities and challenges.

From financing to production, hydrogen plays a crucial role in decarbonizing sectors like industry, energy and mobility. This session explored how the public and private sectors can work together to enable the large-scale implementation of hydrogen.



  • Zadhya Mohammed, Head of Strategy & Business Development for Service, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy
  • Clift Pompée, Managing Director - Generation Technology, Generation & Transmission Strategy, Duke Energy    
  • Randy Howard, General Manager, NCPA


Moderator: Dr. Laura Nelson, Vice President, Strategen and Special Advisor, Green Hydrogen Coalition

Where do we go from here?

NAM Energy Week wrapped up with Rich Voorberg discussing the key takeaways and action areas.


Speaker: Rich Voorberg, President, Siemens Energy North America