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Five uncomfortable truths about the energy transformation

By Oliver Sachgau

The evidence is already here: Sea levels are rising, glaciers are retreating and extreme weather events are becoming more common. The transition to clean energy is crucial to our future. But many questions remain unresolved. 

Challenging the energy industry on SF6

By Frank Jossi


Dealing with emissions of greenhouse gases from the energy grids worldwide will require more than just adding carbon-free generation from wind, solar, hydropower, and other sources. We have to eliminate man-made climate change gases like SF6, says Tom Rak, a consultant on greenhouse gas issues.


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Building the Next Generation of Industrial Cyber Defenders

January 1, 2022 – Siemens Energy and National Academic and Non-profit Partners announced a new Cybersecurity & Industrial Infrastructure Security Apprenticeship Program (CIISAp).


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Extreme Weather and Regional Grid Resilience: Lessons Learned from Texas Winter Storm Uri

In February 2021, the state of Texas also experienced widespread power system failures that revealed significant weaknesses in regional grid resilience. Siemens Energy testified at the Texas Legislature as an expert source on the winterization of power and transmission systems and what could be done to prevent widespread power outages during future inclement weather conditions.

Reliable, resilient grids will be the bedrock of the energy transition. In this review, we propose steps of how to balance the demand for power using the established delivery systems against what many consider new and powerful sources in nature. It will be an ongoing journey. But we believe, by working together with customers and policy makers, we can be successful in meeting the challenges that the future lays before us.


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Securing the energy revolution and IoT future

By Leo Simonovich


As energy systems continue their trend toward hyperconnectivity and pervasive digital controls, one thing is clear: a given company’s ability to provide reliable service will depend more and more on their ability to create and sustain strong, precise cyber defenses. AI-based monitoring and detection offers a promising start.


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Tim Holt is a member of the Executive Board and Labor Director at Siemens Energy. Connect with Tim on LinkedIn.

Together we can meet the challenges of the energy transition in the US

The previous week, I traveled to Washington, D.C., and had the privilege of meeting with numerous Members of Congress. It was an opportunity to discuss the issues concerning Siemens Energy and our more than 12,000 colleagues in the United States.
The U.S. is our largest single-country market. That means the policies made on Capitol Hill have a global impact on our company and customers. My main message to U.S. lawmakers on this trip: the #energytransition will not happen overnight. But for it to happen at all, the #partnership between the public and private sector must be strong. Industry needs a permitting process that provides certainty. We must enhance the reliability and resiliency of the #grid as more #renewables come online. And we need to build a pipeline of #skilledworkers that can power our sector for decades.


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There is no green energy transition without transmission

By Tim Holt, Member of the Executive Board and Labor Director at Siemens Energy


Renewable power is the basis of the #energytransition to meet net zero. But its impact can only be realized if one vital element is in place: a robust grid network.


However, to accelerate the global energy transition, governments and business leaders need to work together to make #sustainability investible. Only if we improve the framework conditions and auction mechanisms, for example, will we create the conditions needed for a successful turnaround.


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An increasingly delicate balancing act: the US grid and the energy transition

By Tim Holt, Member of the Executive Board and Labor Director at Siemens Energy


The fast transition to clean energy is crucial to our future. As I say in this article, it is also certain that to build a decarbonized energy landscape, we must work together to build a resilient grid as its reliable backbone. No one company, government or person can do it alone. We need to work together to manage the complex transformation of the energy landscape.


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Rich Voorberg is the President of Siemens Energy North America. 

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"Sharing the Shovels" at TransWest Express Transmission Project groundbreaking

It´s happening! Clean energy generated here in Wyoming will be available in Nevada, Utah and California! That means 3,000 megawatts of new transmission capacity across 732 miles (1,178 kilometers) from south-central Wyoming to just outside Las Vegas. And along the way, it will cross northwestern Colorado and Utah.
I'm at the groundbreaking event today (with my shovel and all the other partners) to commemorate TransWest Express Transmission Project (TWE), which will make this a reality! 
I’m particularly proud of the role that Siemens Energy High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) technology will play in making this happen.


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Transforming the North American Energy Ecosystem: Complexities, Cost, and Collaboration

Are we innately resistant to change? And what does that mean when it comes to something as critical as the Energy Transition?


These challenging questions were part of an “uncomfortable truths” discussion I hosted recently about how we can work together better to accelerate the transformation of the energy ecosystem in North America.


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