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Meeting the challenges of the energy trilemma with gas plant solutions
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For the North American power industry, the journey to a net-zero carbon future must balance affordability, reliability, and sustainability — the energy trilemma — while remaining profitable and competitive. Advanced gas turbines capable of hydrogen co-firing can help producers meet market demands when their ever-growing renewable energy sources, especially wind and solar, are not available. Siemens Energy offer the needed gas-fired turbine solutions for fuel and operational flexibility, increased efficiency, and power output. 


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North American Energy Transition with Efficient and Flexible Gas-Fired Generation 

Our comprehensive whitepaper offers a deep dive into North America’s dynamic power market and a road map to navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead with Gas Turbine solutions. 


Prepare your plant to meet the demands of the energy transition today

With our modern and extremely broad gas turbine portfolio, Siemens Energy can provide North America’s power industry with the capabilities needed to solve the energy trilemma cost-effectively and flexibly:


  • Affordability: Achieve fast starts with dynamic load following when connected to North American grids with large amounts of intermittent renewable resources.
  • Reliability: Gain best-in-class reliability exceeding 99.5%, plus extended maintenance intervals and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Sustainability: Reduce CO2 and NOx emissions to meet environmental regulations and net-zero decarbonization progress commitments. 
Improve the power output, efficiency, flexibility and emissions performance of your gas turbine and prepare your plant for the future.

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Energy Readiness Index Report

North America’s thirst for energy is huge – and so are its emissions

Industry record set for H2 co-firing



Get future-ready with advanced hydrogen co-firing capabilities

The more hydrogen in a turbine’s fuel mix, the fewer CO₂ emissions

Hydrogen co-firing can reduce emissions from existing power plants while providing an efficient, reliable, and flexible energy source. Siemens Energy can support your hydrogen adoption ambitions, whether you’re upgrading your existing power plants or building new ones, with a full portfolio of advanced gas-fired turbines capable of mixed-fuel hydrogen combustion. Our plant engineering expertise draws from experience across North America and around the world, working directly with our customers as well as with the power industry’s top EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) firms. Not only can we help you successfully plan and deploy new hydrogen co-firing capacity, but we can also assist in the development of onsite production plants for large-scale green hydrogen production.

You can choose from several gas turbine models with power outputs from 4 MW to 440 MW. Each can burn a wide range of hydrogen-natural gas fuel mixes from 30–75% hydrogen, with our SGT-A35 gas turbine now capable of burning 100% hydrogen when equiped with Wet Low Emissions (WLE) combustion technology. 

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