We energize society.

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Siemens Energy in South Africa

Siemens Energy is a global company with a proven track record and commitment to improving lives of the people of South Africa. Siemens history dates back over 155 years, starting with our founder, Werner von Siemens discovering the dynamo-electric principle, driving forward the electrification of the entire world. In South Africa, our first project was in 1860, when we installed the continent’s first electrical communications link, a telegraph line connecting Cape Town to Simon’s Town. Today we apply the same inventive spirit, innovative strength, sense of responsibility and excellence in implementation – values that have characterized Siemens from the very start. We add to these values something that’s needed today more than ever – mutual caring, agility, respect and accountability. Thus equipped, we’ll are ready to shape the future by making real what matters. That’s what we stand for, and that’s what we mean when we proudly say: We are Siemens Energy in South Africa. We energize Society. That’s our purpose.


More than 90,000 employees around the world are passionately pursuing one common goal: to energize society with affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy systems.

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