Honestly, we can’t do it alone.

Transforming the entire energy system requires all of us to change how we do business, invest, govern, consume, and even live.
”Waiting for perfect solutions is wasting time we don’t have.” - Christian Bruch, President and CEO at Siemens Energy
Let's make tomorrow different today.

Welcome to Siemens Energy in Canada.

The world is facing the question: How can we meet the growing demand for electricity and protect our climate at the same time? Siemens Energy is committed to providing answers. We are building new energy systems across the globe. We can contribute to fighting climate change by making sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy possible. We energize society. That’s our purpose. Siemens Energy has what it takes. Innovative technologies, clear focus on our customers’ needs, and a culture that attracts talent. Together, we are more than 90,000 employees determined to be part of the world’s most valued energy technology company.
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Introducing: the Siemens Energy Podcast!

Each week on the Siemens Energy Podcast, we bring you conversations from some of the world’s cutting-edge leaders in energy. Our goal is to help you understand energy, the challenges we face today, and what the future holds. 


More than 90,000 employees around the world are passionately pursuing one common goal: to energize society with affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy systems.

Join our great team and put your energy to use.