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At today's virtual Annual Shareholders' Meeting of Siemens Energy AG, the shareholders approved all items on the agenda by a large majority. At its peak, 2,683 people followed the webcast of the Annual Shareholders' Meeting, with 60.57 per cent of the voting shares represented. For the first time, the entire Annual General Meeting was also broadcast on the Internet for non-shareholders. The Executive Board and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Joe Kaeser, answered a total of 198 questions from shareholders.


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  • Siemens Energy’s business development in the first quarter of the fiscal year was supported by continued favorable energy market trends. With a strong order development, in particular Grid Technologies and Transformation of Industry were able to take advantage of these favorable conditions leading to the highest orders in a quarter to date. 
  • For the full fiscal year, Siemens Energy confirms its previously communicated outlook. 
  • Orders increased year-over-year by 23.9% on a comparable basis (excluding currency translation and portfolio effects) to €15.4bn. The book-to-bill ratio (ratio of orders to revenue) was slightly above 2, driving the order backlog to a new high of €118bn. 
  • Revenue came in at €7.6bn reflecting a 12.6% increase on a comparable basis. While all segments contributed to growth, the increase was particularly strong at Grid Technologies. 
  • Siemens Energy’s Profit before special items sharply improved to positive €208m. Prior year quarter’s result came in, burdened by quality related charges at Siemens Gamesa, at negative €282m. Special items amounted to positive €1,670m (Q1 FY 2023: negative €103m), driven by a pre-tax gain related to the sale of an 18 percent stake in Siemens Limited, India, of €1,729m. As a result, Profit for Siemens Energy came in at positive €1,878m (Q1 FY 2023: negative €384m). 
  • Due to the special items, Siemens Energy showed a Net income of €1,582m (Q1 FY 2023: Net loss €598m). Corresponding basic earnings per share (EPS) were positive €1.79 (Q1 FY 2023: negative €0.60). 
  • Free cash flow pre tax was negative with €283m (Q1 FY 2023: negative €58m). The decrease was primarily due to Siemens Gamesa, which suffered a high cash outflow due to a loss and a build-up of operating net working capital in a seasonal weak quarter. Related to the sale of the stake in Siemens Limited, India, Siemens Energy recorded a cash inflow of nearly €2.1bn which is not reflected in Free cash flow pre tax however contributing to Adjusted Net cash.

Siemens Energy preliminary financial results for the first quarter are above market expectations mainly due to project shifts and timing effects across all businesses and continued momentum across Gas Services, Grid Technologies and Transformation of Industry.

Order intake increased by 23.9% on a comparable basis (excluding currency translation and portfolio effects) to €15.38 billion. Revenue increased by 12.6% on a comparable basis to €7.65 billion. Profit before special items for Siemens Energy amounted to €208 million (Q1 FY 2023: minus €282 million), which corresponds to a margin before special items of 2.7%. Free Cash Flow came in at minus €283 million (Q1 FY 2023: minus €58 million) due to the expected high cash outflow at Siemens Gamesa.

Overall, Siemens Energy continues to see a positive market environment. However, project shifts and timing effects which create shifts between quarters are not unusual for plant engineering businesses. Therefore, Siemens Energy still maintains its guidance for the current fiscal year. For the fiscal year ending September 30, 2024 Siemens Energy expects comparable revenue growth (excluding currency translation and portfolio effects) in a range of 3% to 7% and a profit margin before special items between minus 2% and plus 1%.

Further information and our latest press release can be found here

Siemens Energy to accelerate its journey to deliver profitable growth and fix wind business while maintaining a solid financial foundation 

  • Capitalizing on main energy trends to continue delivering profitable growth in Gas Services, Grid Technologies and Transformation of Industry
  • Clear plan to return profitability at Siemens Gamesa by fixing quality topics in onshore and driving ramp-up in offshore 
  • Prudent resource allocation adhering to stringent capital allocation principles while maintaining a solid balance sheet and financial foundation

At its third Capital Market Day in Hamburg, Germany, Siemens Energy presented a strategic outlook to analysts and investors. The Executive Board outlined a clear path to create shareholder value along three priorities: Deliver on profitable growth, fix the wind business and maintain a solid financial foundation.

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May 8, 2024 Q2 FY2024: Press Conference | Analyst Conference (10.00 - 11.30 CEST)
August 7, 2024Q3 FY2024: Press Conference | Analyst Conference
November 13, 2024Q4 FY2024: Press Conference | Analyst Conference

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