Contratos de serviço para equipamentos rotativos (FlexLTP)

Outcomes of a FlexLTP
Increased generation

By optimizing operation, maintenance scope and intervals based on operating conditions, production and potentially revenue can be increased throughout the unit lifecycle.

Optimized lifecycle costs

Utilizing component degradation forecasting we can adapt the maintenance cycle of the rotating equipment to fit overall plant needs, and at the same time also keep flexibility to adapt if preconditions change

Increased availability

By tailoring maintenance intervals and adapt the maintenance cycle to the needs of the total plant, availability can be increased for maximized opportunity for profit generation.

Higher reliability

By utilizing our OEM experience, combining it with our monitoring and forecasting solutions, reliability can be taken to an unparalleled level and risk for operational disturbances kept to a minimum.

* Restrictions to certain technical configurations apply. Actual outcome dependent on equipment type and operating conditions.

FlexLTP - the future of equipment lifecycle support

Explore our solutions for optimized operation.

Interval maximization

Extending the time between overhaul could be a key driver for reduced downtime so profit generating opportunity is maximized. By fully utilizing our OEM experience we are able to offer interval extensions where asset availability is taken to unparalleled levels.

Scope optimization

Component degradation characteristics varies over time in specific operating conditions. By fully forecasting this in advanced diagnostic tools a personalized maintenance scope could be determined. A scope where parts only needed replacing is replaced.

Maintenance cycle adaptation

By using state of the art component forecasting enables us to adapt the maintenance cycle of the rotating equipment to fit overall plant needs, and at the same time also keep flexibility to adapt if preconditions change.

Fully managed solution

Utilizing our OEM parts performance tools the operation and maintenance can be adapted to specific needs, and optmized based on operation as the business evolves. We take care of the maintenance planning and execution – with the purpose to give our customers a piece of mind and time to focus on core business.

Flexible operation

Our unique insight and experience enables solutions for full-range support of today’s dynamic market. Whether a boost in output, emissions optimization , outage flexibility or efficiency performance is a key driver, we are able to optimize performance to fit the needs. Flexible operation tailored to your needs and requirements.

Your needs and requirements
Our FlexLTP solution is designed to help our customers achieve the overall needs and outcome of their business.
Based on that we always ensure our offering starts with the individual operational conditions, needs and requirements.
The operating regime of a unit is unique, that calls for a unique solution.
Operation and maintenance optimization
Based on your needs and requirements we utilize our OEM knowledge and advanced diagnostic tools to tailor the operation support and maintenance of the equipment – With the overall aim to find the perfect fit for optimized operation
Value added options and services
Our service agreement ensures flexibility in all aspects, this includes value added services and tailored options, flexible contract scope and commercial models.
All made to help our customers optimize operations.
Together all the way
With advanced monitoring and diagnostic tools we are able to forecast component life faster and more reliable than ever before. This allows a continuous improvement of operation support and maintenance activities – through the entire lifecycle of the rotating equipment.