Traçando o futuro de uma usina de energia - uma solução sob medida para a BASF

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Fleet efficiency

Power plant upgrade:
A brownfield exchange project

+ 10% Efficiency

BEX Siemens Energy “Plug and Play” concept for replacement of existing gas turbines with brand-new Siemens units. A perfect match between old and new equipment to get a future proven design for at least 200 000 h.

Uninterrupted production

Existing interfaces are mandatory. All Siemens Energy solutions and components must be adapted to customer’s space limitations while the site runs under full production. All modernization measures follow strict time schedule.

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Fleet efficiency

Energy storage:
Fossil-free black start capability

Security of supply

SISTART batteries for black start, independent from any grit. The battery system must have the power and capacity to provide three sequential black-starts of the newly installed SGT-800 gas turbine without recharging.

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Fleet efficiency

Increased power supply:
With a gas turbine SGT-800

+12 MW power output

A newbuilt SGT-800 gas turbine ensures the following performance:

  • Power output (MW) 57.0
  • Gross efficiency (%) 40.1
  • Heat rate (kJ/kWh) 8970
  • Turbine speed (rpm) 6608
  • Pressure ratio 21.8:1
  • Exhaust mass flow (kg/s) 136.6
  • Exhaust temperature (°C) 565
  • NOx emissions 15 ppm (gas turbine only, while in the range of 60-100% load

Industrial gas turbines

Fleet efficiency

Modifications and Upgrades:
The renewed generator (OEM)

Reuse of resources

Modernized generator, e.g. with revamped direction of rotation, optimizing the flow side inlet channels in the area of the rotor winding, adjusted dimensioning of individual components for higher currents and modified the base frame.

Upgrade of generators

Fleet efficiency

Condition based Service:
With a Long Time service contract (LTP)

Long term partnership

With a longtime service contract of 15 years for the gas turbine, we remain at the side of our customer BASF.
Siemens Energy has been using digital tools for a long time to remotely analyze and maintain turbo sets. We recently added modern Argumented Reality technology to these tools and can use them to remotely guide your maintenance staff in isolating and correcting errors. In this way, even in times of limited travel opportunities, we bring our OEM know-how to your system and ensure its availability.

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