Engineered for outstanding performance

With a proven, long-term track record of successful installations around the world, the SGT-800 gas turbine is an excellent choice for both industrial power generation and oil and gas applications.

It will meet your requirements for efficiency, reliability and environmental compatibility, offering low lifecycle costs and the best possible return on investment. The SGT-800 will support your combined cycle and cogeneration installations with its excellent efficiency and outstanding steam-raising capability. Designed for flexible operation, it is perfectly suited for base and intermediate load as well as grid support.

Green biofuels

Green biofuels: A proven fuel for gas turbines

As we move away from fossil fuels, green fuel alternatives are needed to balance the volatile nature of solar and wind. A key option is to replace conventional natural gas and diesel fuels with green biofuels in gas turbines.

SGT-800 gas turbine highlights

Whatever the application, the SGT-800 meets your requirements for efficiency, reliability and environmental compatibility. As a result, you can expect lowest lifecycle cost of operation and the best possible return on investment.

The combustor and burner designs offer world-class emission performance over a wide load range with single-digit CO emission levels and capable of down to 9 ppm NOx emissions. Low emissions are also achieved with liquid fuel without the need of water injection.

Designed to reduce environmental impact, the SGT-800 gas turbine will help you meet even the strictest emission regulations worldwide.


Reliability has been a top priority from day one of the development of the SGT-800. Thanks to simple and robust technical solutions the reported average fleet reliability of the core engine and auxiliary systems lies at a world-class 99.8% for year 2018.

The SGT-800 offers broad flexibility in fuels, operating conditions, maintenance concepts, package solutions and ratings. These flexible solutions have been developed in order to satisfy your individual market-specific requirements.

The SGT-800 features a compact, modular, maintenance-friendly design. This maintainability combined with the turbine’s robust single-shaft arrangement, long time between overhauls and long lifetime ensures its high operational availability.
Flexible service concepts for on-site or off-site maintenance with possibility for 48-hour core engine exchange will maximize the availability even further.

With its high electrical efficiency the SGT-800 is the core of your power plant installation – from simple cycle to combined cycle operation, with single or multiple units. 

Its excellent steam generation capability also makes the SGT-800 an ideal choice in combined heat and power (CHP) installations.

Ingenious design to the core

The SGT-800 industrial gas turbine combines a simple robust design for high reliability and easy maintenance with high efficiency and low emissions. The successive evolution of the SGT-800, based on experience of the installed fleet and on proven design solutions, ensures that you will get the optimal performance and lifetime out of your gas turbine.

Classic or single-lift?

Two different package solutions are available for increased flexibility in order to meet your individual requirements. Both are available for 50 Hz and 60 Hz markets.

Standard options for hot and cold climates are available for operation at extreme ambient temperatures.

SGT-800-based power plants

Flexibility and efficiency are key for your power plant solutions. The excellent efficiency and steam-raising capability of the SGT-800 gas turbine make it outstanding in cogeneration – also called combined heat and power (CHP) –  and combined cycle installations.

We offer you a broad range of power plant configurations based on one or multiple SGT-800 gas turbines. Within our standard plant configuration we can offer a high degree of scope flexibility. This enables plant optimization to suit your specific requirements, such as island-mode operation or multiple power blocks.

Flexible maintenance – high availability

Our comprehensive portfolio of services provides low life cycle cost and optimum performance throughout the turbine’s life cycle: Long Term Programs (LTP), overhaul service, field service, spare parts, service exchange, remote diagnostic service, and modernization and upgrades.



With up to 60,000 equivalent operating hours (EOHs) between major overhauls the SGT-800 provides high operational availability.
Whether time-based or cycle-based, we offer flexible standardized maintenance concepts. On-site maintenance or modular overhaul, without the need for special workshop maintenance, is available for both package solutions. For the single-lift package, off-site maintenance with 48-hour core engine exchange is optionally available.

With its compact and modular setup, the SGT-800 gas turbine is designed for easy maintenance. The vertically split compressor casing enables easy access – a single blade or a single vane segment can be exchanged on site. For quick and easy inspections, the burners can be easily removed for maintenance.

Fuel flexibility matters

Whatever you need: The SGT-800 offers gas only, liquid only (Diesel No.2) or dual fuel (gas/liquid) with on-load fuel-changeover capability. The excellent fuel flexibility allows e.g. for high content of inert gases, hydrogen and heavy hydrocarbons in the gas fuel composition without any maintenance impact. The engine, equipped with DLE burners, is capable to burn up to 75 vol% of hydrogen (H2).


The low gas supply pressure requirement (27–31 bar[a] / 390–450 psi[a]) reduces the need for a gas compressor on site.

Best-in-class NOₓ and CO emission levels

All SGT-800 units are equipped with a robust dual-fuel Dry Low Emission (DLE) combustion system to minimize NOₓ and CO emissions. The combustor and burner designs offer world-class emission performance over a wide load range with single-digit CO emission levels and capable of down to 9 ppm NOx emissions. With this gas turbine you will comply with both global and regional regulations.

H2 ready

H2-Readiness - TÜV SÜD certificate

TÜV SÜD has developed a guideline for defining the “H2-Readiness” of power plants and is offering an independent certification to original equipment manufacturers and engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) companies. The certification increases investment security for utilities. Siemens Energy is the first company worldwide to receive this certification for its “H2-Ready” power plant concept for the SGT-800. The guideline for obtaining certification was developed in collaboration with subject matter experts from Siemens Energy.

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Technical data

Technical data for the SGT-800

Performance data for simple cycle power generation


All performance values are based on standard design, ISO ambient conditions and natural gas fuel. No intake or exhaust loss.


¹Natural gas, other gases within specification, liquid fuel (Diesel No. 2) and dual fuel (gas and liquid)

²NOₓ emissions at 15% O₂ on fuel gas (with DLE)

*≤ 9 ppmvd on gas available with conditioned operation parameters

SCC-800: Performance data for 1x1 combined cycle power plant

SCC-800: Performance data for 2x1 combined cycle power plant

SCC-800: Performance data for 3x1 combined cycle power plant

The combined cycle plant SCC-800 is available based on one or multiple SGT-800 gas turbines. Combined cycle performance is based on three pressure non-reheat (3PNRH) bottoming cycle.

Physical dimensions and weight

Typical examples shown. Package dimensions include the AC generator but exclude inlet filter housing and exhaust stack.

* Dimensions and configuration depending on rating.

** Dimensions depending on configuration. Weight with generator on foundation.


The SGT-800 is suitable for the following applications and industries:


More than 370 SGT-800 units sold worldwide: reference highlights

A strong performer with excellent flexibility and reliability, the SGT-800 is popular all over the world. With a proven, long-term record of successful installations, it is an excellent choice for both industrial power generation and oil and gas applications.



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