Brownfield Exchange (BEX)

A Tailored Solution for your Plant.

As the energy landscape still is uncertain in terms of pace of the transformation, the modernization of an existing gas-fired power plant has become more feasible from an investment perspective than a greenfield project. Siemens Energy can support you with this modernization by offering BEX. BEX is a solution customized to your needs with the goal of enhancing performance while keeping overall capital spending at an optimized level.  

Product Overview

Brownfield Exchange

BEX is the Siemens Energy plug-and-play concept for the replacement of existing gas turbines with brand-new Siemens units. The key concepts behind this newly launched Service are as follows:
  • Maintain existing steam cycle
  • Modify filter house, exhaust channel, foundation and generator if needed to fit a new gas turbine package (gas turbine including auxiliary systems and I&C)
  • Custom scope for each customer / request to deliver the best possible value proposition

Features and Benefits

While It needs to be verified and quantified on case-by-case basis, the key benefits associated with this new service are as follows:


  • Improved efficiency
  • Increased power output
  • Significant savings on fuel cost and reduction of CO₂ footprint
  • Reduced emissions
  • Quick start and cyclic capability
  • Great possibility to optimize and prolong TBO by selling and implementing FlexLTP and dynamic lifing
  • Fuel flexibility with DLE technology and high focus on renewable fuels  (Existing DLE Hydrogen capabilities (% Volume):


In general, it is applicable for all oOEM units, where customer requirements can be met.

Support Services and Implementation

The Brown Field Exchange is an ideal solution to be Implemented during plant lifetime extension / major rehabilitation.


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