Energy has been an important element for human development and economic growth for all countries in the world, including Asia Pacific region. How can we meet the growing demand for electricity and protect our climate at the same time? How can we build new energy systems across the globe and combat climate change by making sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy possible?


At Asia Pacific Energy Week, we lead the discussion on addressing these challenges under the theme "Shaping The Energy of Tomorrow". The 2-day virtual conference on March 9th to 10th features high profile stakeholders from the Energy sector in the Asia Pacific region. 

Day 1 - Environment, Social & Governance

Panel Session 1: Energizing societies to enable successful and sustainable growth 

As different countries have different resources and landscapes, the path to sustainable energy varies from one country to another. This session examine how to create a reliable, affordable, and decarbonized energy supply as the only way to achieve sustainable growth and prosperity for everyone.

Panel Session 2: The energy of tomorrow and the shift to a more sustainable world 

Ever wondered what and how the energy of tomorrow will be like? This sesson tackle the present and future challenges facing the power and energy industry as we advance towards greater sustainability, innovation and ultimately the transformation of the energy landscape.

Panel Session 3: The power of digitalization in managing grid complexity

With the rapid pace of economic growth and increased electricity demand in the region, efforts are being accelerated to ensure energy reliability. This session explore how digitalization can support in managing the increased complexity of grids, resulting from the transformation of the energy landscape – such as increased distributed generation and integration of renewable energy.


Day 2 - Innovation & Digitalization

Panel Session 1: The journey to decarbonized systems for a clean future

In the face of climate change, which is the greatest threat of our era, companies need to design investment strategies and portfolios that are resilient and sustainable. This session explores the decarbonization journey, which we must quickly embark on, to provide sustainable and affordable energy while responsibly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Panel Session 2: Offshore wind - How to create the best from the start

The offshore wind industry is growing at an exponential rate in the Asia Pacific. This session examines key learnings and best practices from Europe and how we can best manage the opportunities and challenges facing the expansion of offshore wind in the Asia Pacific region.

Panel Session 3: Building a sustainable future for the hydrocarbon industry

While the world is moving towards a zero-carbon future, one focus is on the growing needs of the Oil & Gas sector in Asia Pacific region. This session looks into highlighting reliable and sustainable products and solutions throughout the entire oil and gas value-added process.

Panel Session 4: Opportunities and challenges for Green Hydrogen in Asia Pacific

In a socially and economically diverse region, each country has different abilities, resources, and roles to play in the Green Hydrogen industry. The session analyzes the opportunities and roles of countries and businesses, as well as the main challenges in developing Green Hydrogen in Asia Pacific.