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We energize and digitalize Subsea

Decarbonization, digitalization, and electrification are three major trends in the oil and gas industry. These trends will influence the way forward with regard to infrastructure, products and processes across the oil and gas market. In addition, we are seeing the emergence of offshore and subsea renewable power generation and energy production and storage.  About us

Powering Installations on the Seabed

Enabling large-scale subsea processing by powering the subsea fields of the future – down to 3,000 meters.

Subsea PowerGRID Digital Twin

The subsea power grid components are “born digital” and equipped with sensors and high-quality data acquisition to enable full operational digital twins of the subsea power units. The data is stored in the cloud and on premise and data analytics is applied to the data to produce a hierarchy of health Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for the subsea assets. This gives a very high level of transparency into the equipment and enables cost efficient operation and maintenance of the subsea power system.  

Subsea DigiGRID™

Subsea DigiGRID™ Connect/Control

Subsea DigiGRID is a qualified generic control, safety, and Digital Twin system(s) intended for and used to control any part in a subsea process setup. The main intention for a Subsea DigiGRID implementation is to extend the interfaces for a regular topside Safety and Automation Setup (SAS) and Digital twin system(s) to the seabed. A good example for such an application is a subsea factory setup, including, pumps, water treatment systems, separators, and electrical power distribution.

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The main functionality of DigiGRID EDU-3 is to switch several identical and independent power outlets in a controlled manner, and at the same time independently monitor the quality of the power delivered to the outlets.

Products and Systems

Our subsea products and systems portfolio covers a broad spectrum of applications. Going far beyond power and distribution, it comprises everything from pioneering technologies for subsea control and surveillance to exemplary service and support based on extensive marinization expertise. As a result, we are able to provide answers over the entire life of the field.

About us

We expect a focus on reuse of existing infrastructure through tie-backs and a simplification of systems through electrification. The ongoing shift towards subsea processing, which enables increased recovery rates with reduced CO₂ emissions, will continue. Widespread subsea digitalization will facilitate new innovative subsea technologies and support remote and autonomous operations.

We at Siemens Energy's Subsea business unit have a portfolio tailored to support the industry on this journey. From our wide range of connectors and sensors to our large-scale subsea power distribution systems, we deliver the products and solutions that ensure our customers’ systems are connected and energized and that the large amount of data collected subsea is accurately and timely delivered to a control room or into a cloud solution. The end result for the customer is increased production, greater availability of systems, longer uptime and reduced CAPEX and OPEX. Our 40-year track record in serving the subsea oil and gas industry is a solid foundation for also supporting the offshore and subsea renewables industry in the coming energy transition.