Air separation technologies for sustainable process industries

Siemens Energy technology for air separation operators provides solutions for process industries, which are progressing towards the energy transition. Our air separation solutions help plant operators to realize sustainable and decarbonized industrial processes. 

Plant availability for air separation plant operators

As a market leader in compression for air separation applications, we deliver highly efficient, reliable and maintenance friendly compression solutions for your plant. With trusted and proven technology, cumulating in over 70 years’ experience and over 2500 references worldwide, we will custom-design a compressor solution that optimizes your process requirements.

Modular solutions for Air Separation and Process Gas


We focus on providing integrally geared compressor solutions for air separation units (ASU) or purified terephthalic acid processes (PTA). Our decades of experience is proven by our extensive references worldwide,  and our state of the art compressor solutions set market standards in:

Industry Utilities Construction