Energy products and solutions

Energy products and solutions

We support companies and countries to reduce emissions across the energy landscape – for a more reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy system

Energy technology to effectively contribute to the energy transition journey

Providing power and heat in a reliable, affordable and sustainable way in a world of rising energy demand requires a complex journey - and technologies that can be combined to shape a new energy landscape. Addressing these challenges is imperative for the energy sector and energy-intensive industries to achieve decarbonization and contribute to global climate goals.

Discover our innovative products and solutions: from low- or net-zero generation of power and heat generation, to reliable transportation and distribution of electricity in resilient transmission grid to all products that support increasing efficiency and decarbonization of the industry. Our comprehensive portfolio helps ensuring reliable and efficient energy systems for a sustainable future. 

By leveraging our comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions, our know-how and our expertise, we help our customers to master the transition to a more sustainable and efficient energy future.

Energy transition in action with energy products and solutions

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