Reliable generators

Generators from 0.3 up to 2,235 MVA

Siemens Energy generators are the perfect solution wherever power has to be generated quickly, reliably and efficiently – whether on board of a ship or on an oil platform, in an industrial plant, a large gas or steam power plant or for renewables. Our 2-pole SGen series generators are optimized for power production and industrial applications and cover a power range of over 25 MVA. In addition, we provide wind generators from 0.25 to 10 MW. Choose from our product range of large generators for power production, industrial generators and wind generators. 

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Large generators for power production

Siemens Energy is a trusted project partner for utilities, municipalities and independent power producers. Our generators complement the turbine packages of the most modern and efficient power plants. We continuously improve our generators and focus on increased reliability, improved serviceability, high efficiency, and optimum plant integration.

Industrial generators

We offer generators for industrial applications up to 370 MVA. For 2-pole applications over 25 MVA, our SGen-100A/SGen-1000A series is the optimal solution.

25 up to 370 MVA

Wind generators

Proven more than 40,000 times all around the world, our wind generators provide maximum energy yield and highest system availability. For all common wind turbine types up to 10 MW, on- and offshore.

0.25 up to 10 MW

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Innovative generator solutions for demanding markets

We are driving innovation and developing new technologies to deliver advanced generators that set new benchmarks in terms of efficiency, improved serviceability, and optimum plant integration.

State-of-the-art generator with pressurized air cooling eliminates need for hydrogen (370–560 MVA)

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SGen-2000P Factsheet
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SGen-3000W Factsheet
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Siemens Energy generators are operating in more than 60 countries.

Beni Suef / New Capital / Burullus, Egypt (2016 – 2018)

  • Customer: Egyptian Electricity Holding Co. (EEHC)
  • Power output: 3 x 4.8 GW (14.4 GW total)
    Efficiency: > 60 % net
  • Scope: 12 x SCC5-8000H (2x1), each with 2 x SGT5-8000 gas turbines, 1 x SST5-5000 steam turbine, 3 x SGen5-2000H generator, SPPA-T3000 I&C system, HRSG

Fortuna Lausward, Düsseldorf, Germany (2016)

  • Customer: Stadtwerke Düsseldorf AG
  • Power output: 603.8 MW(e), up to 300 MW(th)
    Apparent power: 1 x 608 MVA
    Frequency: 50 Hz
    Terminal voltage: 21 kV
    Efficiency: ~61.5%
  • Scope: SCC5-8000H 1S with 1 x SGT5-8000H gas turbine, 1 x SST5-5000 steam turbine, and 1 x SGen5-3000W generator

Bjaeverskov, Denmark (2013)

  • Customer: Energinet DK
  • Reactive power: +220 / -160 MVAr
    Short circuit power: 795 MVA
    Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Scope: SGen-100A-2P generator
    Standalone synchronous condenser solution providing the transmission system with short-circuit power in addition to reactive power control

Do you have a question regarding our products, solutions and services?