Technologies which unleash the potential of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power

Renewable energy

We support our customers in delivering the energy transition with our sustainable solutions for a greener and cleaner world, using renewable energy sources including sun, wind, water and biomass

Renewable energy: Harness the power of the future

Utilize the potential of the sun, wind, water and more

Renewable sources including solar, wind, hydropower and biofuels are vital in the transition towards less carbon-intensive energy systems. And while the generation of electricity from the sun and wind has grown rapidly in recent years, further expansion is urgently needed to keep the 1.5°C climate target within reach. According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), an average of 1,000GW of renewable energy capacity needs to be added every year until 2030.

Much more needs to be done across the value chain: making the grid more robust, increasing storage and using more green hydrogen and derivatives in high-emission industries such as transportation. We work every day to supply our partners with the technologies they need to effect these changes.

Renewable energy is key to the energy transition

The new energy landscape, fueled by renewable sources, is revolutionizing patterns of power generation, distribution, and consumption. This energy transition plays a crucial role in achieving a sustainable and environmentally responsible future for our planet.

Renewable energy landscape

Renewable energy from natural resources

With our solutions and components producing renewable energy from sun, wind, water, biomass and more, we offer a holistic portfolio for sustainable energy supply.

Smoothing the way for renewable energy

While some challenges of renewable energy such as land use or regulatory landscapes are out of our control, we can help to solve the technical issues such as intermittency (through storage or grid access) and transportation (through our power transmission and distribution solutions).

Still have questions about renewable energy?

Our natural gas-fired turbines are future-proof and thus a sustainable investment. They can run on hydrogen. By 2030, we want to increase the fuel-mix percentage of hydrogen to 100.  Visit this page to find out more about our gas turbine portfolio.

Green e-Hydrogen gained via electrolysis from renewable energy sources is the key to a CO2-free future. Our electrolyzer portfolio provide solutions for large-scale sustainable hydrogen production. Learn more about our green hydrogen solutions here

We are working closely with partners from government, academia, and industry to create a hydrogen economy that is sustainable and profitable in the long term. With our extensive knowledge of industrial, mobility, and energy sectors, we’re able to provide dependable solutions in every aspect. Discover our approach to creating the hydrogen economy of the future.

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