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The Omnivise T3000 control system

Your bridge into future

Proven technology of today with the innovations of tomorrow

New markets, new rules, new concepts: The energy landscape is changing faster than ever before. In this dynamic environment, Omnivise T3000 remains a constant for you. SPPA-T3000, which has proven itself for decades, offers more than you expect from a control system. The latest release of Omnivise T3000 supports you with innovations you need to build a bridge to the energy system of tomorrow. For conventional power plants as well as decentralized power generation with renewable energy sources, for any plants and any size – perfectly tailored to our digital solution portfolio. Control the energy system of tomorrow with Omnivise T3000.

Expert Talks about the new features in Omnivise T3000

Our expert talks provide you with specific insights how Omnivise T3000 allows you to boost efficiency for your plant. Just click on one of the videos below to learn more on the SCADA functionalities, cybersecurity, simulation and virtualization with our proven control system.

T3000 Simulator


T3000 Cyber

T3000 Virtual

The answer to challenging times

Omnivise T3000 is not just the most advanced control system, equipped to meet the challenges facing both the traditional and the new power generation landscape. More than anything else, it will continue to fulfill the important task of running your plant in the future – efficiently, safely and reliably.

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Identify and exploit opportunities

Flexible, scalable, and cost-efficient, Omnivise T3000 is the control system unlike anything in the textbooks. It’s designed for ever-changing markets, upcoming requirements and endless new opportunities. For conventional power generation plants and a wide range of new applications like wind, solar, hydrogen, and storage using SCADA functionalities. With the latest technology, at any scale, and for any challenge posed by a dynamic energy market. Choose today – and choose long-term success.

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Your goals, our innovations

We designed Omnivise T3000 as a future-proof platform for digital solutions that will open up new possibilities for you. A hardware-independent platform enables to expand the system with Omnivise solutions and apps to handle new tasks. Or a simulation function that works as a digital twin of your plant, enabling you to digitally test new configurations and train the operators without incurring actual costs. And let’s not forget the remote access to data – at any time and with maximum flexibility. Or the use of cutting-edge software technology and the cyber-secure connection.

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Secure today and tomorrow

With Omnivise T3000, you are opting for reliable operation of your automation and control system both today and in the future. The defense-in-depth concept, already proven in thousands of applications, and certification according to the latest international standards, make Omnivise T3000 the perfect control system to transform your ideas into reality – with the precise level of security that meets your requirements.

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Understanding is the beginning

Your success is what drives us. Understanding your needs is the basis of our collaboration. This is something you will quickly notice when you talk to us about new pathways to success, what the future holds for the energy business, and how you can shape it individually for energy projects of any size. We draw on our experience from nearly 4,000 installations worldwide. We’re here for you worldwide, and we’ll support you with efficient project management as well as short implementation phases. Naturally, we also offer long-term service and continously improve and maintain your control system according to your needs.

Experience more technical details on Omnivise T3000 in our interactive brochure

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Omnivise T3000 combines a multitude of innovative features with proven functionality. Explore them!

The requirements for reliability, cybersecurity and flexibility are constantly growing in the energy markets. At the same time, they are becoming increasingly diverse, requiring rapid decision-making to take advantage of opportunities. Omnivise T3000 helps you make the right decisions by allowing you to virtually test changes before you implement them. This allows you to break new ground without incurring large costs. Control technology that is your bridge to the future must offer all of this – and much more.

Built-in security for your plant

As part of the critical infrastructure, plants in the energy market have to fulfil more stringent requirements than ever before. With the risk of cyber attacks, this means looking beyond operational concerns and protecting plants against hacker attacks – and documenting compliance according to all legal requirements. Thanks to built-in security and our comprehensive cybersecurity portfolio, Omnivise T3000 is ideally suited to help operators protect their plant.

Omnivise T3000 Cybersecurity, displays

The defense-in-depth concept strengthens your system to withstand external attacks. Omnivise T3000 is officially certified by TÜV SÜD according to IEC 62443, the leading standard for IT security for industrial communication networks. This is just one example of the numerous internationally recognized standards for which the Omnivise T3000 system as well as our development process is certified for. We provide long-term support so you can rely on a system that is always up-to-date. We support current hardware on a long-term basis and provide tried and tested security patches for the software at any time during operation. For you, this means long-term security – with no downtime. In addition, our Cybersecurity Operations Center (cSOC) helps you defend against or resolve cyberattacks 24/7.

Download Cybersecurity brochure
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Download Cybersecurity whitepaper
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Be prepared for future opportunities 

Fostering renewable energy production is crucial to enable decarbonization. Thanks to its latest SCADA functionalities, Omnivise T3000 is a key enabler to control renewable operation and production.

Today, operators don’t have to manage just conventional or renewable power generation. The trend is moving clearly towards virtual power plants with mixed generation fleets. Omnivise T3000 is the scalable and future-proof system for the entire lifecycle. It can manage both the complexity of large power plants as well as the aggregation of simpler automation requirements. But most important, it can combine all types of generation units by centralized process control. In addition, a scalable SCADA system enables you to prepare for future opportunities and requirements like direct marketing or integration of hydropower.

Discover the Wind Offshore Controls website

Omnivise T3000 SCADA
Read our Omnivise T3000 SCADA whitepaper
PDF (930 KB)

Safety net for reliable operations 

Train operators, test engineering, commission virtually, optimize plants – there are numerous reasons to have a simulation tool of your I&C system. The fully integrated T3000 Simulator expands the system’s possibilities. It is not a separate tool, it is part of Omnivise T3000 and thus provides immediate and direct simulation in the T3000 HMI and runs on T3000 hardware. This sets the foundation for perfectly trained and highly-qualified operators who can master fault event conditions reliably and are specifically prepared for critical situations.

T3000 Simulation

This brings you practical benefits for the reliable operation of your assets:

  • Better basis for decision-making – know what the consequences of a planned change will be before making a decision
  • Optimal development possibilities – detailed testing of the effects of measures in engineering, retrofits or replacement of plant components, changes or adjustments in Omnivise T3000, etc.
  • Non-reactive simulation – the digital twin of Omnivise T3000 shows you the real plant behavior before any real change is made
  • Keep plant know-how in-house – ideal for staff training by your experienced colleagues, hands-on, with the actual control system
  • Cost security – no additional software or hardware required
Download T3000 Simulator flyer
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Simplify hardware and software lifecycle management 

Ever-shorter lifecycles lead to increasingly diverse hardware and software versions and make lifecycle management and service more difficult. As an option, Omnivise T3000 uses innovative virtualization techniques to master this challenge.

The system now is also available with a new, modern, virtual environment. The solution is suitable both for new projects or if you already use Omnivise T3000 and want to virtualize it e.g. in your own datacenter.

Omnivise T3000 Virtualization

Meet your hardware-independent control system

All components typically used in the Omnivise T3000 control system, from the Application Server to the Thin Client, will be provided as a virtual machine. Small, easy-to-install and inexpensive Zero- or Thin Clients act as multi-channel operator workstations to display the virtual Thin Clients. This allows you to make better use of hardware, and benefit from longer lifetimes and better scalability even for smallest solutions. With simplified system handling, a harmonized infrastructure and improved backup and recovery, Omnivise T3000 Virtual also can help to shorten service times for system updates. This helps you to operate your plant more efficient, more economic and cyber-secure.

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Download T3000 virtual flyer
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Support you can rely on

We support customers from more than 900 plants worldwide with high-quality remote and local services. Our Remote Expert Centers (REC) are home to more than 50 trained experts worldwide equipped with the latest data communication systems and direct secure access to the engineering data of your plant.

We are ready to step in at critical moments via remote connection in order to quickly find a solution – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Omnivise T3000 Service

Service along the entire lifecycle

Our experts support you with know-how and expertise. Our regular inspections as part of periodic plant maintenance activities, clever spare parts concepts, long-term solutions to extend service life and our intelligent diagnostics solutions bring a genuinely preventive element to plant maintenance and detect faults before they can trigger costly failures.

Our global training network with highly experienced and qualified instructors can provide a wide range of training options with cutting edge technology, designed specifically for various plant personnel positions. Many of our courses can be customized to meet your schedule and budget requirements. Let us transform your plant performance with knowledge transfer to your staff.

Watch the REC video

Download REC whitepaper
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Digital transformation is more than just technology

Changing markets require in-depth data analysis, interpretation, and advice to make an impact on the bottom line. As a result, knowing that digital transformation entails more than just technology, we do offer a broad portfolio of digital services, but also a collaborative approach to boost your performance with custom solutions. It is a business model born out of our expertise and domain know-how that helps you profit from digitalization, experience, and highly skilled manpower.

Omnivise Digital Services Portfolio offers you a data-supported, collaborative approach to optimize your power plant operations and maintenance with customized solutions – all based on Omnivise T3000 as data platform.

Omnivise T3000 Omnivise Digital

Together, we analyze your data, provide you with advice on making smarter decisions, and finalize tasks to improve asset-, unit- and fleet operations. Manage the performance of your energy assets with real time data analysis, lower operational and maintenance costs, mitigate risks and achieve higher return on investment.

Discover Omnivise Digital

Highlights that will take you further

A control system is only as good as the benefits it offers you. Once you start working with Omnivise T3000, you will immediately notice how good it is. The intuitive user interface, the integrated simulator, system operation that is not tied to a specific hardware, the ability to remotely access your data, all combined with a comprehensive cybersecurity concept: Omnivise T3000 offers you every opportunity for long-term success in the energy market. Not to mention our experienced project teams, who support you worldwide with their wealth of expertise. 

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Expert Talk - T3000 Cyber

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