Sensformer®: Transformers meet connectivity.

Transformers play a crucial role to achieve a successful energy transition. The energy landscape is changing rapidly, and grid operators need to respond flexibly to power fluctuations due to renewable power generation. We started early to develop technologies that are actively shaping the path to a climate-friendly future. Discover our eco-friendly transformers, our grid stabilizing equipment, as well as our innovative ester solutions, our Pretact resiliency concept and our Sensformer technology.

Find out why Siemens Energy makes a difference

In more than 100 countries and for more than 100 years, transformers made by Siemens Energy have been synonymous with top quality. The extreme high reliability (mean time between failures) is only one example of this quality. To ensure things stay this way, we are constantly working with high level experts on research and new developments. Furthermore, we are always close to our customers – thanks to our global manufacturing and service network. See for yourself, why our transformers make a difference!

Sensformer® and Sensformer® Advanced - digitally enhanced transformers

Transformers are a vital and decisive part of power grids – no matter if conventional or digital. Sensformer® enables you to digitize this important keystone of your grid. Now your transformers are connective!

A Sensformer® contains the necessary sensors for entering the most important operating parameters – such as oil-level, temperature, LV winding current and GPS-positioning. To step into the world of digitalized transformers, you simply add a GSM-card. Data submission can be done via GSM as well as Ethernet-connection without the need of a secondary IT infrastructure.  

A Sensformer® Advanced is equipped with a digital twin, which simulates the behavior of the physical asset in real time and thus creates a completely new type of experience and value-add applications: An active overload manager allows Sensformer® Advanced operators to manage temporary overloads without compromising on lifetime. With a full temperature view, the current heat status can always be checked, a life consumption view gives indications on the residual lifetime of the asset. Furthermore, based on the digital twin, for highly developed applications, additional advanced sensors can be used on the asset, e.g. bushing, partial discharge or DGA sensors.

Our multifunction calculator checks your ideal transformer

You decided to invest in a new transformer? Using our multifunction calculator, you can check multiple basic parameters simultaneously. Does your ideal transformer meet the requirements of the European Commission’s Ecodesign Directive that has been in place since 2015*? How efficiently does it operate and how long will it take to amortize the higher investment if you decide for a more efficient variant? Take advantage of this valuable opportunity to decide and plan, step by step. Please note: Based on information on the Peak Efficiency Index, this calculator is usable only for power transformers.

*For exact definition of the input data and calculation method please refer to:

EU eco-design-regulation No. 548/2014


Always get the most out of your products

Transformer Lifecycle Management (TLM)

Siemens Energy Transformer Lifecycle Management™ helps you to act promptly and responsibly to preserve the value of your product in the most effective and low-cost manner. Our services include:

  • commissioning & installation
  • consultancy
  • condition monitoring & assessment
  • maintenance & lifecycle extension

Learn more about Transformer Services

Test Laboratory for Transformer Materials

The Siemens Energy Test Laboratory for Transformer Materials detects ageing processes early, thus preventing costly breakdowns, minimizing idle time and extending the life of your product.


Electrical Research and Testing Laboratory (ERT Lab)

The Siemens Energy ERT Lab offers comprehensive testing and analysis facilities for energy-related material testing, research, and development. The laboratory can satisfy your special needs and demands: Every step of the test can be specifically coordinated and individually defined.


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Brochure: Sensformer Advanced
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