BKK Nett 8VN1 145 kV Gas-insulated switchgear

Bringing Zero closer: Gas-insulated switchgear and busduct

With Zero F-gases and Zero harm, our Blue switchgear solutions make a greener grid achievable.

Why we need to go for Zero. And why you need Blue.

With the energy sector having a greater carbon impact than every other industry combined, the urgent need for decarbonization to combat climate change cannot be overstated. Renewable energy sources are only part of the solution; at Siemens Energy we understand how essential it is to achieve Zero Global Warming Potential (GWP) in the transmission of power as well as in its generation. Most switchgear still uses SF6 for insulation – a gas 24,300 times more climate-hostile than CO2 and one which stays in the atmosphere for up to 3,200 years. Even the new F-gas alternatives are still harmful to the environment when released. That’s not sustainable, as recognized by the new EU-F-gas-regulation. And it’s why we’ve developed our Zero-harm Blue portfolio, including gas-insulated switchgear and gas-insulated busduct. 

When traditional technology is still needed

While we are continuously striving for Zero, it is not yet possible for every voltage level. Thats why we still offer a range of high-performance traditional switchgear.

Zero SF6, Zero greenhouse gases - only clean air

The only way to achieve Zero GWP and zero toxicity is by using clean air. Gas-insulated switchgear combine vacuum switching technology with clean air insulation. It operates with Zero harmful greenhouse gases of any kind, with Zero toxic decomposition products and Zero safety requirements during handling and maintenance.

8VM1 Blue GIS

Enabling higher voltage levels ​for wind turbines​. It is essential to live energy transition and increase resource efficiency. ​Wind power generation is making a major contribution for the  growing power demand and a new generation of wind power plants require innovative technologies. ​Our compact, environmentally friendly, high-voltage gas-insulated 8VM1 Blue GIS for on- & offshore installations up to 72.5 kV is an optimal contribution to enlarged wind turbine power and reduced cable losses.

8VN1 Blue GIS

The 8VN1 Blue GIS maintains the highest standards of performance and reliability. It delivers high voltages with the highest switching performance without degradation, and is capable of operating in extreme environmental conditions across the globe. 8VN1 is compatible with all previously installed conventional GIS of the same voltage level and saves more than 80% CO2 equivalent over the entire product life cycle. ​The usage of the new Low Power Instrument Transformer (LPIT) reduces the bay length by 30% and weight by 25% which saves even more CO2.

8VQ3 Blue GIB

Also in higher voltages from 245 – 420 kV an SF6 reduction is possible. A combined solution of a conventional GIS together with our Blue GIB saves between 30 – 65% SF6. At the same time, it maintains the highest standards of technical performance and reliability, together with low lifecycle costs. No specially trained personnel is needed for the transport, handling, or operation of the clean air GIB for 420 kV. 

Low Power Instrument Transformer (LPIT) for compact and lightweight GIS design

LPITs are innovative voltage and current transformers providing a safe, reliable and standardized solution for measurement and protection applications in GIS.

  • Combined: electronic voltage and current transformer
  • Redundant: two current sensors and one voltage sensor in each bay
  • Multi-purpose: one device for protection and measurement
  • Standardized: same device used for all rated currents
  • Flexible installation everywhere in the GIS

Essential facts and features

Hand with earth

Zero environmental impact

  • Zero SF6 and other F-gases
  • Zero greenhouse gas emissions
  • Zero GWP

Protecting Hearts

Zero impact on health and safety

  • Zero toxic insulation gases
  • Zero toxic decomposition products
  • Zero special safety measures needed during maintenance
  • Zero regulations on handling of gas
  • Zero disposal of gases required at end of life

Icon Compliance

Zero regulations

  • Zero reporting and accounting of gases required
  • Zero issues with current and potential legislation against F-gases

Icon Performance

Zero compromise on performance and reliability

  • Voltages from 72.5 to 145 kV
  • High number of short-circuit and rated current interruptions
  • Two-cycle current interruption
  • Full performance down to -60°C ambient temperature
  • Maintenance-free interrupter unit during its lifetime
  • 10+ years of experience in HV vacuum switching


Blue gas-insulated switchgear: future-ready and future-proof

Further readings

8D GIS products up to 550 kV

8DN8 gas-insulated switchgear

  • For rated voltages up to 170 kV
  • Very compact and highly flexible configuration
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation
  • Very low level of noise and field emission (EMC) making it suitable for sensitive environments such as residential areas and city centers

8DN9 gas-insulated switchgear

  • For onshore system voltages up to 245 kV
  • For offshore system voltages up to 300 kV
  • Compact, space-saving construction
  • Very low level of noise and field emission (EMC) making it suitable for sensitive environments such as residential areas and city centers

8DQ1 gas-insulated switchgear

  • For rated voltages up to 550 kV
  • High degree of versatility provided by a modular design and active and passive modules

Our services for you

You can find informational materials on our gas-insulated switchgear here.

Brochures & flyers

GIS from 72.5 - 550 kV (EN)
PDF (17 MB)
8VM1 Blue GIS up to 72.5 kV (EN)
PDF (410 KB)
8VM1 Blue GIS up to 72.5 kV (CN)
PDF (427 KB)
8VN1 Blue GIS up to 145 kV (EN)
PDF (344 KB)
8VN1 Blue GIS up to 145 kV (CN)
PDF (407 KB)
8VQ3 Blue GIB for 420 kV (EN)
PDF (307 KB)
PDF (424 KB)
"Empower your GIS with Power VT" (EN)
PDF (355 KB)
"Power VT - das Extra für Ihre GIS" (DE)
PDF (361 KB)
Sensgear (EN)
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Technical data sheets

Technical data 8DN8
PDF (359 KB)
Technical data 8DN9
PDF (364 KB)
Technical data 8DQ1
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REACH declaration
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