Innovative power and heat generation technologies pave the way for a decarbonized energy future.

Low- and net-zero power and heat generation

Making the most of our energy sources to support the energy transition

Using energy resources efficiently for sustainable power and heat generation

Global challenges like urbanization, scarce resources, and climate change fuel demand for efficient, low-/net-zero power generation and renewable energy.  That’s why energy systems are already undergoing a rapid transformation – and adapting to the high shares of renewables that will be essential for future energy systems.


We’re helping our customers to successfully meet their challenges – from industrial companies and power utilities to energy investors and governments. Whether we’re talking about conventional or renewable energy: We develop energy concepts to deepen the knowledge and understanding of the energy landscape of countries and regions. We also formulate country-specific energy implementation roadmaps to enable their ecological, economic, and social development. 

Utilizing our advanced technology, solutions, services, and capabilities, we strive to set new benchmarks for decarbonization and the evolution of the energy system.

Karim Amin

Member of the Executive Board & Executive Vice President Gas Services, Siemens Energy

The key to decarbonization: Innovative solutions for power and heat generation

 Innovative power and heat generation technologies pave the way for a decarbonized energy future.

Products, solutions, and services for reliable, affordable, and sustainable power and heat generation

The energy industry is experiencing numerous opportunities driven by factors such as the move towards decarbonized energy systems, on-site power generation, and cutting-edge digital service solutions.

Carbon-free, distributed, digitized: Evolving power and heat generation

Hydrogen capable gas turbine

Decarbonization activities

occur step by step: We improve the efficiency of existing assets. The transition away from conventional fuels comes next – from coal to gas and then to hybrid systems and cleaner fuels. Learn how we’re pushing the boundaries of both conventional and renewable energy to meet the demand for sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy.

Industrial power plant

Distributed generation

is becoming more and more important in the new energy era. Do you want to integrate renewables? Bring reliable and affordable electricity to remote areas? Or achieve decarbonization goals using local energy generation and storage?
Explore how on-site power generation secures your power supply for the future.


Services and digitalization

are critical for maximizing the lifecycle value of power and heat generation assets. Our services and digital service solutions help you extend the lifespan of your assets. Discover what Siemens Energy services can do for you – and how to implement competitive and innovative methods to reduce downtime and increase output.

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