Distributed Generation

The future is now

Managing your energy supply

Whether your business is an industry, campus, municipality, infrastructure facility or data centre, you need an affordable, reliable and sustainable energy supply. Our portfolio provides efficient power generation on your site, when and where you need it, thereby securing energy supply for the future.

Our portfolio reflects the world's shift from large CO₂ intensive technologies into a diverse energy landscape consisting of smaller, decentralised power providers, consumers and prosumers, who are looking for solutions that ensure stable and cost-efficient operations with less emissions. 

  • Cost-cutting alternative to power from grid
  • Combined heat and power generation reduces energy cost by up to 30%, as it utilizes the energy to also provide electricity in a highly efficient way
  • Modernizations improve efficiency and product life
  • Sell overcapacity to the grid
  • Turn available waste heat and steam into power
  • Replace only what’s necessary (Brownfield exchange option)

  • Full control over the power supply
  • Reliable and flexible supply of energy
  • Back-up power option with a short start-up time
  • Fast track power solutions in case of natural disaster and blackout
  • Availability up to 99.995% including service intervals
  • Tests, repairs and refurbish programs

  • Fuel flexibility given already by today; easy to adopt to fuels of the future (e.g. e-hydrogen, e-methane, e-methanol, e-diesel)
  • Development with the needs of the enterprise - with product lifecycle services, remote diagnostics, upgrades, revamps, or brownfield exchange
  • Broad flexibilitiy in fuels, operating conditions, maintenance concepts, package solutions, and ratings

  • Stabilization of fluctuating power from renewables
  • Affordable approach for decarbonizing energy systems
  • Up to 50% CO₂ reduction by shifting coal-based to gas-based power supply
  • Up to 90% efficiency with combined heat and power
  • No lock-in effect; easily upgraded for fossil-free fuels when available
  • Fuel flexibility option available in our gas turbines; 100% hydrogen capability until 2030

  • Standardized, well-proven solutions tailored to different industry needs
  • Adaptable and fuel-flexible system, including back-up power or energy storage
  • Brownfield exchange
  • Single-lift option for limited space requirements
  • Complete plug and play power solution when there’s no land available (e.g. Seafloat)

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... aspects of distributed power generation that you would never have thought might influence your business now or in the near future.

Air quality in street canyons

First introduced in Singapore in 1975, such zones are nowadays located in cities worldwide. Car traffic limitations, tree planting. What else? Look at the sidewalk. Do you notice any ventilation grids? There might be a diesel backup engine of a hospital, office or data center beneath your feet.

Even modern, diesel-fueled backup generators of Tier-4 standards could lead to high concentrations of poisonous exhaust plumes in urban street canyons which may explain why gas turbines, and batteries have become the preferred backup power source for many data centers

City street

No water, no power. Right?

The World Bank has announced the Thirsty Energy Initiative. The World Energy Council has published The Road to Resilience Report - Managing the Risks of the energy-water-food nexus. In April 2021, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation presented the 2-year forecast which could lead to the first water shortage declaration in the Western United States.

Let´s save water for drinking. Combine a gas turbine with Organic Rankin Cycle (ORC) technology for waste heat recovery without water in a  Heat ReCycle powerplant. Soon, cutting-edge technology will allow upgrading the gas turbine to burn 100% hydrogen in DLE (dry low emissions).

Our flagship projects: Outstanding power generation

Hyflex Power

Hyflex Power

Hydrogen industrial plant

  • The world’s first integrated power-to-X-to-power hydrogen gas turbine demonstrator
  • Siemens Energy and Air Liquide have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the objective to combine their expertise in PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) electrolysis technology.
Thailand SGT-800

Chonburi / Rayong, Thailand

Combined cycle cogeneration power plants

  • Customer: Amata B.Grimm Power Ltd. and B.Grimm Power Ltd.
  • Scope: 18 x SGT-800 gas turbines, and 9 x SST-400 steam turbines
  • Nine power plants, located in industrial parks within an approximately 200 km radius of Bangkok, are supplying power, steam and chilled water to industrial users
Increasing Competitiveness at Full Steam

Increasing Competitiveness at Full Steam

Grupo Kaltex | Altamira, Mexico | Industrial, Textiles

  • Dedicated CHP plant generating process steam for the manufacture of synthetic textile fibers
  • SGT-750 gas turbine exceeding the guaranteed output of 31.7 MW for the conditions on site (28°C)
  • Improved position in a highly competitive, international market thanks to CHP's capabilities

Products and solutions supporting a reliable, affordable, and efficient power supply

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