Whistleblower Channels: “Speak Up” & Ombudsperson

Do you know or suspect that a violation of the law or internal regulation (i.e., Siemens Energy Business Conduct Guidelines) has occurred in connection with Siemens Energy business?

Our reliable and protected whistleblower channels are available for Siemens Energy employees and external parties.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

It is important for the company to be aware of any potential non-compliant behavior in its business activities.

When you timely report suspected misconduct, it allows the company to assess and, as needed, address the related risks as soon as possible and to mitigate/ avoid further harm.

This contributes to the long-term success of Siemens Energy.

You can report any suspected violation of the law or Siemens Energy internal regulations. We take all types of complaints seriously.

You can submit your report via our whistleblower channels “Speak Up” and the Siemens Energy Ombudsperson.


In addition, you can report suspected misconduct directly to the Managing Board, your manager, or colleagues in the Compliance Organization, especially the responsible Compliance Officer. 

Yes, if you want to report anonymously, then your anonymity will be protected.

After your report is received, the centralized and specialized team from Siemens Energy Compliance conducts an independent evaluation of whether further investigation is required.

All Siemens Energy Compliance investigations are carried out and/or directed by an internal, centralized, and specialized investigation team.

If a department outside the Compliance Department is responsible for handling the issues reported by you, your report will be forwarded to that department (e.g., Human Resources, Data Protection, Procurement)

Information is only shared on a strict need-to-know basis and its confidentiality is maintained throughout the process. 

If you are an employee of or have a business relationship with a Siemens Energy entity located within the European Union and want to submit a report concerning that entity, please note the following:


In case you want your matter to be handled locally, please simply say so in your report.

Please be sure to include the involved SE legal entity and country location.

After providing that information, you will receive a follow-up response with the contact details of the responsible local colleague.

Please note: The centralized investigation team responsible for conducting all Compliance investigations globally has specialized experience in protecting whistleblowers and, when requested, ensuring their anonymity. Unlike a local investigation, a centralized investigation is performed outside of and completely independent from the local hierarchy as the global investigations team reports up to the Siemens Energy Group Compliance Officer and the executive management board.

List of Local Whisteblower Contacts (Europe)

Retaliation against an employee or other reporter (e.g., individual who has a business relationship with Siemens Energy) who raises compliance concerns in good faith and to the best of their knowledge is strictly prohibited.

If you have reason to believe that you have been subjected to retaliation, please notify your Compliance Officer or the Compliance Team, or submit a report via “Speak Up” or the Siemens Energy Ombudsperson.

Rules of procedure according to § 8 Abs. 2 LkSG