Siemens Energy Electronic Invoicing

Siemens Energy is executing on its Vision. A major focus of this Vision is the strategy of digitalization across all parts of our business.

Digitalization is fundamentally transforming the value chain and offers major opportunities for all parties. It helps us automate order processing, achieve speed, end-to-end visibility, remove manual errors and improve quality and efficiency. Digitalization is not just a project, for us it has become a part of our strategy. The Automate Purchase to Pay Program consists of several digitalization initiatives aiming to bring automation of work processes, more transparency, work efficiency and removal of many manual task.

What is E-Invoicing

The E-Pay Project, also called E-Invoicing or Electronic Invoicing (#einvoice), aims to increase the number of Suppliers using an electronic way of invoice exchange. The E-Pay project automates the invoice exchange between Siemens Energy and its Suppliers using one of the EDI platforms like SupplyOn, Web4Biz, etc. With E-Pay, Siemens and our Suppliers exchange invoices electronically, rather than via paper or email. 

What are the benefits of E-Invoicing

  • Transparent processes
  • Reduced manual effort
  • Higher efficiency
  • On-time payments for our Suppliers
  • Increased data entry quality 
  • Compliance and process security

Contact Information & Useful Resources

E-Invoicing Project Team Contact

  1. Phone no: +91 91410 98601 & +91 98338 56053
  2. Working Hours: 07:30 Hrs to 16:30 Hrs GMT
  3. Email Address:


SupplyOn Resources

  1. SupplyOn production system:
  2. SupplyOn tech support:


Web4Biz Resources

  1. Web4biz production system:
  2. Web4biz tech support: