Siemens Energy Statement on the responsible Sourcing of Minerals

Sustainability in its three dimensions (Environment, People & Society, Responsible Business Practices) is of the highest importance for Siemens Energy.

Sustainable conduct forms the basis of our business decisions and dealings with our stakeholders. The Siemens Energy “Business Conduct Guidelines” provide the ethical and legal framework in which we strive to conduct successful activities. Adherence to applicable laws and internal policies is an essential part of our integrity, and fundamental to our business.


In order to also ensure Sustainability in our Supply Chain, we have established the “Code of Conduct”. The “Siemens Energy Code of Conduct for Siemens Energy Suppliers and Third Party Intermediaries” is based on – among others – the UN Global Compact and the principles of the International Labor Organization. We contractually commit our suppliers to the "Code of Conduct” and also expect them to promote the standards contained therein to their suppliers.


One of the topics dealt with in the Code of Conduct is the responsible sourcing of minerals.


This topic is also addressed in the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Chains of Minerals from Conflict-
Affected and High-Risk Areas (“OECD Due Diligence Guidance”), as well as various national and international provisions, for example in the USA and in the European Union.

Siemens Energy exercises its responsibility within the supply chain. Siemens Energy, like many other companies, is aware of the difficult situation that products and components purchased from suppliers may contain minerals originating from conflict-affected countries.


We have rolled out a uniform and enterprise-wide process to determine the use, source and origin of certain minerals in our supply chain. We work closely with our direct suppliers to support us in carrying out these steps. Where necessary, we work with suppliers in order to remediate risks and perform additional due diligence so that we can continue to source responsibly, building on established management processes.


Responsible Minerals Initiative

We do not, however, encourage implementing a de facto embargo on conflict-affected and high-risk areas, including the DRC and adjoining countries in the sourcing of Conflict Minerals. This is in line with our requirement to comply with the principles of non discrimination with regard to supplier selection and treatment and follows the call of many internationally active human rights organizations.


Siemens Energy has actively supported and plans to further support the “OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas” as a pilot-member for the development of the respective Due Diligence processes which expressly recognizes a Risk-Based Due Diligence in the Mineral Supply Chain as well as industry-wide initiatives like the “Responsible Minerals Initiative”.


European Partnership for Responsible Minerals

Siemens Energy is a strategic member of the European Partnership for Responsible Minerals. The EPRM is a multi-stakeholder partnership with the objective to increase the proportion of responsibly produced minerals from conflict-affected and high-risk areas (CAHRAs) and to support socially responsible extraction of minerals that contributes to local development.

The Copper Mark

Siemens Energy has joined The Copper Mark as a partner organisation which uses or relies on copper in its business and has made a public commitment to The Copper Mark vision and objectives of promoting responsible production practices.

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