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Siemens Energy AG | Gasturbinenwerk

EnergySphere Berlin
Huttenstr. 12
10553 Berlin

You will receive instructions from our Community Manager together with the booking confirmation to enter the premises. Among other things, you need a security briefing, which you can carry out in the booking confirmation via a link and a password. The confirmation that you receive from the site instruction at the end must be sent by e-mail to our Community Manager at least 24 hours before your visit. After submitting the confirmation, you are formally entitled to enter the premises for your appointment. Without this confirmation you will not be allowed to enter the premises. This must be done per person.


Please note that external visitors are not allowed to move around the site alone. Only the short way via gate 2 you are entitled to walk unaccompanied. This path is signposted and freely accessible without factory employees.

Unfortunately, the vehicles cannot be parked on the premises. There are parking spaces in the vicinity of the plant, but these have been in a parking zone since 01.08.2021. These are parking zones 73 and 76. The costs for the parking zones are non-refundable.

No, unfortunately the bicycle cannot be parked on the premises.

Yes, multiple access is possible. Please let the community management know.

The Covid-19 situation remains dynamic. Since the safety regulations are constantly updated, we will inform you of the conditions and safety regulations shortly before your visit, so that you have the opportunity to comply with them.

The nearest test stations can be found at

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