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Immerse yourself in innovative solutions, products and services from Siemens Energy. The Innovation Center Berlin offers insight into our entire portfolio and makes it possible to virtually experience our digital solutions and services relating to power plants. Look forward to your individual tour or training with an overview of products and services for each application.


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You want a tour in the Innovation Center Berlin and experience how you can help shape the future of energy with your power plant? Break new ground in energy generation together with Siemens Energy!


To book the premises of the Think Cube, simply request the desired rooms via our contact form and specify one or two other alternative dates in addition to your desired date. You will receive the booking confirmation via our Community Manager.

To book a tour or a workshop in the Solution Circle, please contact our contact person directly by e-mail.

Yes, it is possible to book individual rooms. Please use our contact form.

If your questions are not answered on the Siemens Energy Innovation Center Berlin website or in the FAQs, you can always contact the Innovation Center Berlin team. You can find our Community Manager on our contact page.

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