We aim to reduce emissions and save fuel costs to the refrigerated truck transportation industry, and help it meet the stringent requirements imposed by the government.

Firefly is a “Patent Pending” modular waste heat recovery system (WHR) for refrigerated trucks to power the transport refrigeration unit (TRU), therefore eliminating the need for the additional diesel engine that currently powers the TRU.


In the US alone, TRUs generate 2 million tons of CO₂ every year and consume $1bn of diesel fuel¹. Our aim is to help the refrigerated truck transportation industry reduce emissions, save fuel, and comply with green energy polices, regulations and government requirements².

Our system can provide³:

Our team

We have more than 60 years of cumulative experience in heat transfer and fluid dynamics, focusing on designing turbomachinery and its major components, analysis, and evaluation of the thermodynamic cycles such as ORC.

We are a team motivated to contribute to the green energy revolution and are ready to overcome the challenges to build Firefly and transform the refrigeration truck industry.

¹ A Low Emission, Electrified Solution for Refrigerated Trucking, Shawn Wilfred Vehr, Purdue University e-pubs,
² and

³ All numbers are preliminary and may change after prototype testing