Rotating Grid Stabilizers

With the increasing share of renewables and shutdown of fossil and nuclear power plants countries are faced with the challenge to keep the power grids stable. Rotating Grid Stabilizers like synchronous condensers (SynCon), combined with Flywheels or Asynchronous rotating energy system stabilizer (ARESS) are some of Siemens Energy’s answers to meet the demand for inertia, short circuit power and frequency regulation of the grid. This allows our customers to manage the energy transition.

The RGS team came together from across Siemens Energy to support the existing SynCon business to be best prepared for the fast-growing market for rotating grid stabilizer.


Through the grow and spin-out venture building program under Siemens Energy Ventures, they were able to develop a more comprehensive solution with clear features, advantages, and unique selling points (USP) and a strong go-to-market strategy for conversion of existing power plants.


The RGS team were the first graduates of Siemens Energy Ventures and are now part of our Transmission and Generation division focused on further developing their individual solutions and markets.