Secure, digitally enabled offshore ICSS

Safe and secure process control and automation (ICSS) prepared with time stamped high data quality.

The system is designed and implemented according to common industry requirements for offshore process and safety control systems and includes process control, emergency and process shut down, power management, marine systems on floating assets, and fire and gas. The Siemens Energy Oil & Gas Offshore (SOGO) solution is based on SIMATIC PCS 7. This is enhanced with a specific offshore framework, hardware and software libraries. Omnivise for Offshore is a template based digital solution that is easily integrated into the base automaton solution or may be added for specific assets or packages or scaled for complete topsides and marine systems, to provide insights and analytics to support condition-based maintenance and operational decisions.

Value Drivers for SOGO ICSS

Enabling integrated solutions based on digital workflows and auto generated engineering. Scalable solution with simple or customizable digital layer. Whether your ambition is higher uptime or aiming for remote operation with low offshore staffing or normally unmanned facilities.

The solutions base design helps customers drive for more cost optimized operation by enabling the implementation of a modern remote operated low staffed or unmanned facility.

Siemens Energy automation systems have a long term roadmap securing the customer investments. Easy and cost effective migration to next generation automation systems has been and will be an important design criteria for new development.  SOGO ICSS assure seamless interface to Omnivise for Offshore.

More automated process on the vessel to support autonomous operation. The open design of the ICSS, support the NAMUR Open Architecture (NE 175).

SOGO ICSS has a library following the IEC 63131 standard.

Designed for the oil and gas industry, the safety system complies with IEC61508/511 standards.

SOGO ICSS has a certified solution for cyber security following IEC 62443-2-4 and IEC 62443-3-3.

The solution is made in accordance to the alarm solution standard IEC 62682.

​​​​​​​SOGO ICSS is using a selected portfolio of Siemens Energy automation components.

Siemens Energy has world leading high capacity controllers with a compact and flexible I/O concept.

SOGO ICSS has an inbuilt power management system and connects to electrical IED's based on IEC 61850 protocol or PROFINET.

​​​​​​​The solution offers seamless integration to advanced predictive control and process simulator systems.

​​​​​​​The SOGO ICSS has a fully redundant scalable and modular architecture assuring high availability and high reliability.

The offshore ICSS system is developed and prepared with time stamped, event driven communication with high data quality enabling the future modern remote operated low- or unmanned offshore facilities. The high data quality also enables high degree of reliable predictive maintenance, reducing the OPEX of the plant.

The solution is designed based on digital enabled efficient work processes and work flows with auto generated engineering of the ICSS and digital software.

The ICSS system is based on proven technology assuring the reliability and availability of the production facilities.

Advanced and proven work processes support efficient engineering and maintenance of SOGO ICSS & Omnivise for Offshore.

Our cyber secure solutions are following widely accepted international standards, and the Siemens Energy solution is the first to be TÜV certified.

In addition our Topsides 4.0 concept integrate the Siemens Energy rotating equipment portfolio into the SOGO ICSS and Omnivise for Offshore solution.

Siemens Energy offers a lifecycle management solution for following up the plant during the whole lifecycle.

One solution for process, safety, electrical and marine systems acts to optimize the OPEX including maintenance costs.

The Oil & Gas industry has been hit by many challenges the last years due to heavy price fluctuations and change in market demand. This has led to changes in the industry.

The focus on cost has always been a priority but new technology availability has enabled new ways of reducing operational cost. The introduction of digital tools and functionalities has the power to transform the way the oil gas industry works.

Typically an ambition is to move from calendar based to condition based maintenance, thus reducing the overall operational cost in the plant. Further operational optimization can be achieved by development of modern remote operated facilities and a focus on reducing time spent on offshore task, which in turn contributes to lower staffing or unmanned facilities. This will also drive the safety aspect but will also challenge the industry related to IT security.

Further it is important to deliver an ICSS solutions in compliance with requested standards and regulations. Seamless integration of power generation and distribution systems including efficient and optimized power management into the ICSS system is an important pre requisite in a modern plant.

Operator systems will be based on accepted standards for human interface providing an easy and intuitive operation of the process plant.

We deliver an ICSS systems providing event driven high quality data to the data repository used for digital data processing, with low bandwidth and high resolution. This enables advanced and reliable condition monitoring of all instrumentation and process equipment as well as enabling necessary work process changes in the plant.

We believe that a full concept E-A-D (Electrical, Automation, Digitalization) with its seamless integration of data represents the best choice for any future offshore production facility.

Event based updates

All data collecting from the PCS 7 controllers are event based. This means that data is updated on change and not pulled/polled at an interval from the controllers. At the end of each logic sequence, the controllers will send a snapshot of a selection of values to the gateway if the value is changed outside the dead band configured in the controllers. This has several benefits like high resolution data when it matters: like monitoring of critical temperatures on equipment. Values that are rarely changed don’t have to store duplicate values that have to be cleansed in the historian at a later stage. The network traffic is also kept at a bare minimum since only update values are sent. The PLC is pushing the data, so there is no need for a lot of computing power doing polling of all tags on the gateway. 

Valve example: 

  • Monitor movement time for maintenance purposes
  • Verify correct operation according to Cause & Effect
  • Rapid changing process value – all transients picked up

The Electrification, Automation, and Digitalization Concept (EAD)

Siemens Energy as a leading electrical equipment manufacturer and power solution provider is able to integrate electrical solutions with Omnivise Digital to provide digital benefits to the electrical system.

For the Electrical equipment, all measurement values and alarms feed into the ICSS and conditioning monitoring is performed in the IMS. The Engineering Station handles configuration and is used for detailed diagnosis. The electrical system fully conforms to offshore industry standards.

Figure gives an overview of the interfaces for the main electrical equipment. Via the Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED), optimal communication to PCS 7 system is ensured.

We deliver a fully integrated solution based on common libraries with data consistency in the full EAD line of plant operations and maintenance.

The electrical system is designed for easy expansion and flexibility. It is built on a network structure with a high degree of integration of all systems for operation and maintenance, and is designed to support remote operation from onshore. All main electrical equipment is enabled for condition-based monitoring, making it easier to carry out necessary maintenance without extensive manpower.

Brownfield digital solutions

In addition to greenfield solutions, Siemens Energy implements solutions on existing facilities.

Such solutions enable efficient decision making and proactive operational management on existing facilities, via access to timely data, data visualization, monitoring/alerting capabilities and access to relevant systems and supporting documentation.

For brownfield solutions, please get in touch to discuss your needs.

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