Corrective Maintenance for I&C

Comprehensive service to minimize outage costs in the event of faults

Even the most reliable I&C systems are not totally immune to faults. When the unthinkable happens, corrective maintenance is urgently required to get the power plant automation system back up and running. Siemens Energy operates a global service network providing professional expert assistance all day every day and can often respond even faster – and at a better price – than local resources: for maximum protection against high outage costs in the event of a fault, look no further.

We have designed our corrective maintenance services as a modular offering; whether to take advantage of the entire package or just individual elements is entirely up to you. All of our specialists possess extensive expertise in the relevant fields and are able to access the engineering data of your plant in the event of a fault whether assisting you remotely, on-site or in an advisory capacity. This enables you to reap the benefits of OEM knowledge that no third-party provider of corrective maintenance can hope to match.

Remote Expert Center: Troubleshooting all day every day, 24/7

Expert center for I&C and electrical systems available around the clock for rapid assistance with troubleshooting by remote maintenance

Even the most reliable I&C systems sometimes go astray. When they do, a fast response is often essential if a long and expensive outage is to be avoided. Very seldom, however, can the particular systems specialists needed for the service job in hand be on the ground at the power plant within the necessary time window.

Our Remote Expert Center (REC) is home to more than 50 experienced experts equipped with the latest data communication systems and direct access to the engineering data of your plant. Backed by years of best-practice experience and knowledge-led databases, the Remote Expert Center steps in at the vital moment to resolve faults in instrumentation and distributed control systems via remote maintenance and quickly get you back online. The Remote Expert Center is available all day every day – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

When your fault report reaches the Remote Expert Center, our system specialists immediately log in to your system and start the remote maintenance procedure to put things right. Teams of experts selected on the basis of the specific fault type concerned bring their specialist knowledge to bear, significantly speeding up analysis and fault detection. Should it prove impossible to solve the problem via remote access, the Remote Expert Center activates the on-site task force and the spare parts service. This speeds up the resolution of power plant faults considerably, or prevents them from becoming a problem. Thanks to the global service network, the Remote Expert Center's entire service range can be offered at a fixed price to provide a highly cost-efficient solution.

Your benefits:

  • Safe, direct remote maintenance of your power plant via the Remote Expert Center for fast expert support
  • More efficient fault diagnosis, analysis and troubleshooting
  • Scalable solutions and additional services optimally adapted to plant requirements (like spare parts logistics)

On-call Service: Standing by to assist you on site

I&C and electrical system experts available around the clock for fast troubleshooting on site

Many corrective maintenance operations can be carried out perfectly well by your own properly trained operating personnel. If the worst happens, however, and you find yourself faced with more complex problems, there is nothing better than specialist expertise on site to bring your plant back to life. Some faults cannot – and some certainly should not – be tackled remotely. Give your power plant corrective maintenance team the backing of our on-site service.

Siemens Energy has experts in electrical and I&C systems on call to provide on-site service in 190 countries around the world all day every day. Our experts can be on the ground at your site quickly for troubleshooting. All of our on-call service specialists are thoroughly familiar with the various plant and system types and have access to our Remote Expert Center.

On receipt of the fault report, the on-call service searches the global service network to find the specialist located closest to the plant, who is then alerted and dispatched to provide the on-site service. The essential formalities for the on-call service, such as export provisions, are clarified with customers in advance to ensure no time is wasted in the event of an emergency. This gives rapid response times and the process of troubleshooting is significantly faster with our service on site than would otherwise be the case.

Your benefits:

  • Fast and efficient corrective maintenance on site minimizes outage costs
  • On-call service, remote support and optimized OEM spare parts stores work efficiently together to get you back online
  • Need for expensive and time-consuming internal staff training is reduced