Lifecycle services for subsea equipment

Subsea oil and gas recovery comes with many challenges. In order to adequately meet steadily growing customer demands, to optimize operational efficiency, extend field life and increase output, Siemens Energy fully maintains its commitments with a variety of service support offers – at every phase of development.

A circular economy is based on the principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems.

Definition by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

There whenever you need us!

At Siemens Energy, as the OEM and industry experts, we are embracing a circular economy approach. We work with our customers and end clients to provide rapid “Inspect and Advise” assessments and options. 

Have certainly and security that the work performed by our certified technicians, to the original FAT specification including API17F and using only OEM parts.

  • Transformation rework
  • Warranty inspections
  • Fault inspections and rework
  • Fault investigations


Siemens Energy are uniquely positioned to offer certified and approved refurbishment to manufacturers specification which comes with an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Warranty.


  • Approved OEM spare and replacement parts. 
  • Immediate access to thousands of brand new OEM parts. 
  • No third party replacement parts.
  • Compliant with API 17F
  • Tested to original Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) criteria.

Sensor Testing and Refurbishment

Our manufacturing site in Bomlo, Norway provides primary support for full sensor refurbishment, including recalibration, painting, pressure testing and FAT to manufacturer specification.

At our secondary support site in Houston, USA, Siemens Energy have made significant investment to support our customers’ sensor refurbishment needs in the Americas. This includes field testing, recalibration and global scale testing.

Finally, our service hub in Aberdeen can run a “health check” on the sensor, which is sufficient in certain customer requirements. If further sensor work is required, typically the sensor harness will be sent to our manufacturing site at Bomlo, Norway for full sensor refurbishment.


Siemens Energy understands the impact of down time in the live fields and the importance of quick resolutions for our customers.

Siemens Energy Subsea service centres provide global support to our customers.

Our service hub in Aberdeen, UK, is integrated with our Subsea excellence centre in Ulverston, UK enabling rapid access to a comprehensive source of OEM spare parts, meaning a timely response to our customer.

Our internal rapid support process ensures parts can be ‘en route’ to our global service centre network in a matter of days.


Having the highest quality Subsea connectors and systems in the industry means there are very few ‘end of life’ Siemens Energy parts.


Linked closely to recycle, we are now seeing customer enquiries for the reuse of spare items.

Circular Economy
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Why use Siemens Energy?

  • A proven track record within the industry.
  • Product specifically trained personnel with annual training requirements.
  • Access to our global data base, Teamcenter with all up to date drawings and procedures.
  • Confidence that only qualified materials and supplies are being used on the electrical systems.
  • Utilization of a global service team to support regions when in need.
  • Rapid response capabilities to support clients on land or offshore.
  • Service team with a high quality customer service focus.

The installation phase of our products is the most critical to ensuring life of field reliability and operation. We can ensure your field’s performance through our installation services.

From assembly, termination, commission and testing, utilizing OEM procedures, specialist tooling and test equipment, our team knows how to install our own products. This includes gas pressure testing, hydraulic testing, electrical testing and cable diagnostics. All services are conducted by experienced, competent, fully certified technicians, equipped with specialized tooling and materials. 

Key to successful terminations

  • Qualified field team dedicated to exceeding our clients’ goals and schedules.
  • To ensure high standards we do not issue procedures or sell proprietary tooling to third parties.
  • Terminations warranted when completed by qualified Siemens Energy personnel.
  • Use of products and materials that were designed and qualified with the connector systems.
  • Maintenance of a knowledgeable work force to service our systems through targeted, regular training.
  • A Siemens Energy global database with procedures and drawings, updated regularly with lessons learned, changing industrial standards, and material/methods advancement ensuring the highest quality results.
  • Confidence in knowing there is a local team on standby to support our clients.
  • At Siemens Energy we work in a culture where quality and safety go hand in hand.

Our field engineers are employed exclusively to install, provide service and test Siemens Energy Subsea products on and offshore, on a daily basis.

This guarantees an in-depth and wide range of experience, knowledge and competence. As Siemens Energy is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) – we know our own products entirely. If there are any issues, we are able to address the design itself. 

Initial installations are closely supervised and verified to ensure conformance with Siemens Energy and industry-wide HSE standards, procedures and test results.

Competence is further enhanced with continuous training and assessments.

Certification is renewed every year to assure only the highest level of competence.

Siemens Energy is able to handle all subsea product related matters, installations or testing.

Safety, quality, reliability and competence can be expected as standard from our aftermarket services.

Inspection support

Expecting a reliable high output from your field, we set the goal to help you cut downtime to a minimum. With our lifecycle services, we can even identify faults before they become failures. From installation and commissioning, lifecycle services, on-site/field repairs to spare parts, we are ready to serve you. With our global and local teams of highly trained field engineers, we can help you around the globe.

Auditor Services

  • We are the only fully certified personnel to  install Siemens Energy subsea products
  • Our global locations allow us to enlist  ‘follow-the-sun principle’ - support around the clock.

Remote support

Siemens Energy has had to find new and innovative ways to support our customers during the pandemic. Our use of Augmented Reality headsets means that we can utilise the vastly experienced pool of Siemens Energy technicians across the globe, to keep the lights on for our customers, using our Connected Worker programme.

Local Siemens Energy technicians are supported remoted by our team of experts, using livestream video and training.