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Nearly all onboard processes require electrical power and a reliable power distribution system. With electrical power generation and distribution solutions for vessels, Siemens Energy ensures that power can be generated, distributed, and used exactly where it is needed. This guarantees the functionality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of vessels of all sizes and types.

Portfolio overview

Power solutions at a glance

Our customized, intelligent electrical power distribution solutions for vessels of all kinds are designed for maximum performance, reliability, and scalability – in conjunction with the vessel’s automation and propulsion system, if desired. We supply you with leading technological concepts, technical components, and services, from the power plant through power distribution to all consumer devices to the energy management system. All this comes from a single source, based on standardized components that are used in marine electrical systems on commercial ships worldwide and are quickly available anywhere.
Power LV

Low-voltage power generation and distribution

There is hardly a process on board that will function without electrical power. Power LV ensures the efficient generation, distribution, and management of this power. With its integral protective mechanisms, the system achieves the highest level of supply security and functionality.

Safe and cost-effective power supply

Power LV is an integrated, modular, and scalable system for providing a reliable and economical onboard power supply in low-voltage technology. It comprises brushless synchronous generators to support all extremes of power demand, switchgear specially developed for marine use, and a power management system. In addition, various transformers and frequency converters come online to support system demands. The vessel’s generator, switchgear, transformers, and converters for the low-voltage supply can be freely combined as required, with the energy management system ensuring optimized interactions.


Thanks to integrated protection mechanisms (for example, short-circuit protection, electromagnetic compatibility, shock resistance, and automatic blackout start-up function), the low-voltage system achieves outstanding reliability with optimal efficiency, while minimizing fuel consumption by the vessel’s generator.

Power MV

Medium-voltage power generation and distribution

Vessels such as frigates or cruise ships not only have extremely high energy requirements but also place heavy demands on the operating security and fail-safe performance of the onboard electricity supply. Our Power MV system fulfills these requirements with low capital costs.

Excellent availability and safety

Power MV is our solution for the onboard medium-voltage supply. Power MV comprises all central components in medium-voltage technology, including the vessel’s generator, transformers, and switchgear, and is based on reliable, standardized components.


To ensure the maximum availability and safety of the power supply from the vessel’s generator at all times, Power MV is equipped with mechanical protection devices for every required safety level. The medium-voltage system – consisting of the vessel’s generator, switchgear, and energy management system – is designed redundantly to guarantee the reliable, optimized generation and distribution of medium-voltage power on board. The onboard low-voltage system is supplied via transformers.


The WHRS waste-heat recovery system

Fuel consumption is one of the largest cost items in ship operation. Remaining competitive over the long term will require highly efficient drive solutions and intelligent energy management. At the same time, environmentally friendly technologies are called for to comply with ever-stricter environmental protection regulations. The waste-heat recovery system WHRS is the best way to meet both requirements.

Powerful yet economical and clean

SISHIP Boost with WHRS is a waste-heat recovery system for vessels that helps reduce your energy costs by up to 12 percent. The waste-heat recovery system utilizes the heat from exhaust gases to generate steam and produce additional electrical power. It not only cuts your energy costs, but also reduces the CO2 and NOx emissions of your vessel. Additionally, you gain more flexibility in vessel design. Smaller fuel tanks permit a more creative use of space and line, and the ship’s main drive can get by with a lower-rated output. Dependable, internationally available, standard components and our well-established spare parts logistics facilitate maintenance and provide you with maximum reliability.


All the functionalities of the WHRS are controlled using an energy management system that ensures optimal use of the available energy and automatically adapts shaft generator operation to current requirements. That means you are able to access additional power reserves, reduce wear and tear on the main engine, and increase the reliability of the onboard power supply.

SISHIP BlueDrive Family

Innovative diesel-electric propulsion systems

Siemens Energy has over many years created a wide portfolio and extensive competence within the field of power electronics and propulsion systems. By changing the conventional propulsion system configuration and implementing a totally new control philosophy, the ultra-compact SISHIP BlueDrive PlusC™ system is created. With this system a whole new set of possibilities and advantages opens.

Variable-speed-operated diesel engines and load shifting

With the SISHIP BlueDrive PlusC electric propulsion system, individual speed control of each engine over the entire engine speed region is possible. This is true, even for full diesel-electric vessels independent of synchronous speed. The control system will dynamically set the speed according to the at-all-times optimal operational point of the engine. With this, the SISHIP BlueDrive PlusC control system secures that the diesel engines are operating at the lowest possible specific fuel consumption (g/kWh). During DP operation the advantages are substantial, because production and even spinning reserve can be realized with limited consumption, emission, and maintenance costs. To lower the fuel consumption even more, the system makes possible load shifting between the port and starboard parts of the system.

SISHIP BlueDrive PlusC – electrical power system

The synchronous generators are designed to operate in the same speed and power range as the connected diesel engine. Due to extended development of the power electronics, the main drive unit SISHIP BlueDrive PlusC is created as a stand-alone, integrated unit, including the generator and bus-tie panel as well as the frequency converter controls for all thrusters and auxiliary drives. In addition, the unit provides clean power supply to all auxiliary consumers, and all electronics are based on known and well-proven technology. In addition to the operational advantages, the new unit reduces footprint, volume, and weight by at least 30 percent.

SISHIP BlueDrive PlusC – power station control system

The SISHIP BlueDrive PlusC unit is equipped with an integrated control system that realizes all genset control, drive control, and power management functions within the unit itself. The speed and power of the diesel engines is controlled in correspondence with the total power consumption of the vessel. The electric system is only fed with active power from the generators; hence there is no circulating reactive power to handle. The speed and power characteristics of the diesel engine will be parameterized according to the selected diesel engine type. Integrated parts of the system are Power Management (PMS), Power Plant Protection (P3) and Generator Power Adaption Systems (GPA). All these systems are integrated in the integrated control system of the SISHIP BlueDrive PlusC.

The BlueDrive PlusC for small vessels: SISHIP BlueDrive Eco

SISHIP BlueDrive Eco combines the experience from both systems SISHIP BlueDrive PlusC and SISHIP EcoProp. SISHIP EcoProp is well known as a flexible, compact, high-power diesel-electric propulsion system for smaller vessels such as yachts, ferries, and public authority vessels. Like the complete SISHIP BlueDrive Family, SISHIP BlueDrive Eco uses the Siemens Energy industrial converter platform components, providing very high reliability and availability. It enables scalable systems from 5 kW inverter power use and closes the power range (to BlueDrive PlusC up to 5.5 MW inverter power), all in the same topology.

The Siemens Energy Storage System (ESS): BlueVault

The advanced lithium-ion battery-based solution BlueVault for offshore installations and marine vessels is suited for both all-electric and hybrid energy-storage applications. BlueVault energy storage solutions are designed to help ensure continuity of power and to minimize carbon dioxide emissions.


The battery is designed to maximize life, performance, and safety. It is equipped with an integrated battery management system and overload/short circuit protection. The storage modules with 6.6 kWh Li-Ion batteries can be slid into a rack. The battery storage cubicle consists of 9 modules and 60 kWh. The cubicles can be easily lined up to the total required battery capacity.

PEM Fuel Cells

Performance, efficiency, and safety for extended underwater operations

A fundamental requirement of submarines is to run silently and remain submerged in certain situations. Conventional diesel-electric drive models need to periodically surface to recharge their batteries, making the boat vulnerable. Our PEM fuel cells deliver an atmospheric air-independent, noiseless propulsion solution for power generation on board that can extend the dive time by several weeks.

Extended dives with minimized noise signature

The PEM fuel cell is ideally suited for use as an air-independent power supply for submarines. It enables dive times to be extended to weeks, if required, which significantly minimizes the risk of being detected. That’s because the PEM fuel cell modules use oxygen and hydrogen to produce electricity, so the potential dive time is restricted only by the supply of stored media and the boat’s energy demand. The system works without atmospheric air and is completely exhaust-free.


Another important advantage is that the PEM fuel cell has an ultimately low signature in operation: This helps reducing the aggregate acoustic signature of the submarine. The system’s noise signature lies well under all threshold values. With their electrochemical properties, the fuel cells themselves operate noiselessly. Even the ancillary units are optimized for low noise or can be easily incorporated into noise encapsulation thanks to their compact design.

DC Switchgear

SG-DC supply and switching system for operational readiness

The operational readiness of a modern submarine is critically dependent on the reliability and efficiency of its power supply, and that includes its DC switchgear system. Our SG-DC supply and switching system delivers a reliable power supply to the propulsion system and the various onboard networks.

Reliable, secure, and efficient energy supply for submarines

To secure the optimum power supply for your boat in any situation, SG-DC ensures the supply, distribution, and monitoring of electrical energy for the propulsion system and all onboard networks. It is the ideal equipment for meeting the specific requirements of submarines with respect to shock and vibration resistance, electromagnetic shielding and acoustics, and external influences such as temperature, air humidity, and air pressure.


SG-DC incorporates the main control panel for connecting the energy producers to the propulsion system, and also the auxiliary power distribution for the individual consumers and all onboard networks. The system is tailored to the individual requirements of every boat and its key characteristics are superb reliability, compact build, and low maintenance.


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