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Cybersecurity for the Oil and Gas Industry

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Why is Cybersecurity important for Oil and Gas?

Like critical industries everywhere, oil and gas operations – upstream, midstream, and downstream – make prime targets for cyber threats of all kinds. Sources of those threats are increasingly criminal enterprises, state actors, and so-called hacktivists with political agendas. That’s in addition to solitary hackers using powerful tools readily available on the Dark Web.
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Make your offshore operations cyber secure and reliable

Modern offshore operations are highly complex, generating tens of thousands of data points and transmitting them to onshore control centers across multiple types of networks. Offshore facilities also include technologies from many suppliers that interface with the main process control system, each with their own cybersecurity profile.  Learn how to navigate this complexity in our webcast with World Oil magazine!




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Not Rocket Science

Cybersecurity challenges can be formidable. However, they are not insurmountable, nor are they rocket science to solve. The good news is that downstream oil and gas companies can adopt the straightforward, four-step approach that Siemens Energy’s cybersecurity experts and managed services team have successfully used to close vulnerability gaps for customers worldwide in recent years.

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Ensuring robust cyber defense for endpoint energy assets

Companies across the hydrocarbon supply chain recognize the growing threat of sophisticated, malicious cyberattacks. Many companies continue to struggle to defend early-generation and remote operating assets, such as older compressor stations, which were engineered well before the widespread adoption of digital industrial control systems. As a result, these assets are vulnerable to long-term exposure to emerging cyber-risks, without the ability to be patched easily or updated quickly with the latest security defenses.

Siemens Energy and Ponemon Institute Study

The State of Cybersecurity in the Oil and Gas Industry

Learn how US companies in the oil and gas industry are addressing cybersecurity risks in the operational technology (OT) environment.

According to the findings, the deployment of cybersecurity measures in the industry isn’t keeping pace with the growth of digitalization in oil and gas operations. In fact, just 35 percent of respondents rate their organization’s OT cyber readiness as high. With most respondents describing their organization as having low to medium cybersecurity readiness, 68 percent of respondents say their operations have had at least one security compromise in the past year, resulting in the loss of confidential information or OT disruption.

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