The reliable Tronic line of DigiTRON, ElecTRON and SpecTRON products provide electrical and fibre-optic connector systems for subsea power, communication and instrumentation.

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Controls and Instrumentation Connectors

The DigiTRON range of connectors provides world leading trusted quality and long-lasting reliability.

DigiTRONand DigiTRONe are the most reliable and advanced subsea connectors used by the subsea industry to date. Qualified to operate in depths of up to 4,000 meters, a MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) of 400,000 years and an enviable track record; The DigiTRON range of connectors are the most technically advanced and reliable subsea connectors on the market.


DigiTRON3 has all the benefits you would expect from the world leader in subsea connectors. Our trusted proven track record provides quality and reliability where it’s needed most. Our new DigiTRON3 connector has an enhanced design with a voltage rating of 1.8/3 (3.6) kV. With the aim to reduce the size and quantity of connectors required for high voltage control applications this connector is perfect for long step out projects. The compact connector size reduces impact on structures and therefore reducing overall subsea costs.

DigiTRONf – Highly Reliable Optical Performance

DigiTRONf is a compact 12-way optical fibre wet mate connector, from the trusted DigiTRON range. DigiTRONf offers excellent optical performance and has been designed and qualified with a focus on reliability and quality. The 12-line connector offers excellent system flexibility and a greater degree of redundancy, allowing for less connectors being required. Qualified to the recently published SEAFOM TSD-02, DigiTRONf is a modular product which offers a complete system.


Advanced Cable Termination ACT, ACT3 and Advanced Fibre Termination (AFT)

With a solution line-up that comprises subsea termination heads, fibre-optic and electrical distribution systems, Siemens Energy has the capabilities needed for safe, reliable and proven subsea power and signal distribution.

Advanced Cable Termination (ACT and ACT3)

The following features can be offered:

  • Qualified to Siemens Energy’s internal procedures
  • Double barrier against water intrusion
  • Pressure and temperature compensated
  • Moderate internal pressure maintained under ambient and operating conditions
  • Water and gas blocking against cable migration
  • Modular design to accommodate a variety of cables and layout
  • Temperature ratings: Storage: –40 °C to +70 °C    (70 °C short term), installed subsea: –5 °C to +50 °C

Advanced Fibre Termination (AFT)

The Advanced Fibre Termination (AFT) is a long-life umbilical termination for fibre-optic cables. It utilizes the same field proven technology as the Advanced Cable Termination (ACT).

AFT product has been provided to all regions globally for more than 15 years, with zero subsea failures.


The following features can be offered:

  • Qualified to API-17F
  • Design life up to 50 years
  • Up to 48 fibres distributed to four 12-way connectors
  • Up to 4,000m water depth
  • Test pressure: up to 450 bar
  • Tested with wavelength: 1,310 nanometers (nm), 1,550 nm and 1,625 nm
  • Storage temperature: -40°C to +70°C
  • Operation temperature: -4°C to + 50°C
  • Single-mode fibre
  • Oil-filled- and pressure compensated

DigiTRON Products


Subsea Medium and High Voltage Electrical Connector Systems

A world leading range of subsea wet-mate and dry-mate subsea electrical connector systems for subsea power distribution.

SpecTRON offers the most comprehensive range of technically advanced and reliable subsea power connectors on the market. With an enviable track record and an extensive range of HV power connectors SpecTRON can be used on a wide range of subsea applications in subsea oil and gas and renewable energy.

SpecTRON Products


Instrumentation Feedthrough Subsea Connector Systems

Instrumentation feedthrough subsea connector systems are designed to convey electrical communication between permanent downhole instrumentation through the Tubing Hanger and Xmas Tree.

Siemens Energy Instrumentation feedthrough subsea connector systems is branded under ElecTRON, which is divided into two main product families: ElecTRONv and ElecTRON, respectively designed for Vertical and Horizontal Xmas Trees.


ElecTRON products have proven reliability and a solid track record, deployed on a wide range of major developments worldwide.   


ElecTRON brand offers a range of connector solutions, consisting of penetrator, wetmate connectors pair and drymate connectors pair, rated up to 15,000psi working pressure; tested against the latest industry standards and specifications.

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