Oil and Gas Manager™ (OGM™)

Transitioning field development projects from early conceptual work through the construction phase demands agility, reliability and predictability; calling for tools with efficient and accurate execution. Designed for both onshore and offshore developments, OGM is the industry leading modeling, evaluation, planning and decision support software solution for global application in the oil and gas industry. Driven by process simulation, its collaborative platform captures team knowledge across engineering disciplines and functional responsibilities, integrating named insights into the asset development process.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Ultimate flexibility in concept selection and design through building block approach to field layout
  • Accurately design and size production assets with built-in thermodynamic-based heat and mass balance simulation
  • Quickly compare asset design and modification options through Brownfield optimization
  • Ensure reliable estimates per up-to-date regional cost databases and historical data help
  • Complete transparency of design and cost basis using comprehensive reporting
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