PS Change Manager® (PSCM™)

Management of Change (MOC) is one of the most important elements of process safety management (PSM) regulations requiring facilities to establish and implement written procedures to manage newly introduced changes and hazards to a process. PS Change Manager is a web-based workflow solution enabling improved visibility, consistency, accountability and control for managing changes in your plant. It incorporates efficient tracking and timely reminders into an easy to use configurable system. Unlike manual or paper based MOC processes, PS Change Manager eliminates room for error giving assurance when implemented, qualifies changes to process equipment, operating procedures, and the organization do not unintentionally introduce new hazards or unknowingly increase the risk from existing hazards.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Eliminate paper, handwritten signatures and serial approvals with web-based electronic management of change
  • Receive notifications and reminders when approvals are overdue
  • Highly configurable and tailored to your organization's specific needs
  • Improve tracking, oversight and data analysis with enhanced reporting
  • Customized solution to integrate with your existing ERP (i.e. SAP) for real-time updates of MOC process
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