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Offshore services and rentals

Siemens Energy's Broussard location is an oilfield services business specializing in water treatment. We provide equipment, personnel, consumables, spare parts, maintenance services, consultancy services, Brise pump rebuilds, engineering, manufacturing, and refurbishments for most water treatment applications.

Siemens Energy's Flowback Treatment Services allow our customer to bring wells online more rapidly, which means less down time and more valuable production time. These services include initial well start-ups, well completion unloads (using everything from sodium bromide to zinc bromide) or well stimulation unloads (from scale squeezes to acid workovers). Siemens Energy’s extensive background in challenging treatment applications brings unparallel service capabilities to the market.

Siemens Energy's Pipeline Services provide our customers with an alternative option to wastewater disposal in high volume scenarios. This translates into lower transportation costs, lower disposal costs and more rapid completion of pipeline dewatering activities. These services include new pipe dewatering, old pipe hydrotest dewatering, pipeline abandonment flushing, hydrate remediations as well as pipeline pigging operations. Siemens Energy’s mobility capabilities in these type applications affords our clients the geographical flexibility they need to complete their complex projects.

Siemens Energy's Reverse Osmosis Services provide our customers with temporary high water for a variety of flowrates and applications. These applications include temporary living quarter camps, emergency disaster response, hydro blasting feed water, equipment refurbishments and offshore production facility living accommodation applications. Siemens Energy's expansive fleet of rental units coupled with our extensive inventory can meet the needs of the global Reverse Osmosis market needs in short notice, permanent or temporary applications

Siemens Energy's Produced Water Services provide the upstream and downstream markets with solutions for a variety of flowrates and applications. These applications include temporary equipment rentals for permanent install base overhauls; Engineering, services and rentals for debottlenecking/expansion projects; Aftermarkets parts, troubleshooting support for sold equipment; Brise Pump rebuilds, repairs, rentals and services. Siemens Energy's vast knowledge as an OEM supplier of PW equipment allows us to provide our customer with an expert response to a wide variety of their produced water equipment needs. 

COMING SOON...Mobile Solutions for Complex Wastewaters

20,000 BPD Mobile System

• Compact, Plug and Play Design

• Lower Mobilization Costs by Weight

• 24-hour Mobilization Capabilities

• Highest Flow-rate Capacities per Sq. Ft.

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