High fuel flexibility, low emissions

The SGT-700 is derived from the SGT-600 and is designed to offer you higher output and efficiency as well as lower emissions with a wide fuel range capability.

This gas turbine is an ideal fit for power generation and mechanical drive applications. With the high exhaust heat, it is also excellent for cogeneration as well as for combined cycle applications.

Highlights of the SGT-700 gas turbine

The SGT-700 offers best-in-class fuel flexibility that allows for high content of inert gases, hydrogen and heavy hydrocarbons:

  • Ethane 100%
  • Propane 100%
  • Butanes and heavy alkanes 15%
  • Hydrogen up to 55%
  • Nitrogen 40%
  • H₂S 3%

The SGT-700 features a third-generation dual-fuel Dry Low Emissions (DLE) combustion system:

  • NOₓ emissions level < 15 vppm
  • CO emissions level  < 20 vppm
  • Turn down 50% load
  • Same DLE system for dual and liquid operation
  • NOₓ emissions on liquid fuels < 58 ppmvd
  • CO emissions on liquid fuels < 25 ppmvd
  • Turn down 50% on liquid fuels
  • Dual-fuel DLE capability with fuel changeover capability (gas to liquid fuel and liquid fuel to gas) on load

The SGT-700 features a reliable, robust and easily maintainable design for maximized uptime.

  • Reliability > 99%
  • On-site or off-site maintenance
  • 24-hour swap capability
  • 17 maintenance days in 15 years
  • 30,000 equivalent operating hours (EOHs) between hot section inspections
  • Part load operation increases the time between overhauls

Thanks to a long lifetime with maximized uptime, low lifecycle cost and easy servicability, the SGT-700 offers you a high lifetime profitability. The robust industrial design offers a low degradation over time.

Ingenious design to the core

The SGT-700 provides the best availability of its class, thanks to a robust and well-proven design. The compact twin-shaft engine is easy to maintain and allows for flexible operation with excellent efficiency at part load conditions.
Using the same design for power generation and mechanical drive increases the operational reliability.

Packages for power generation and mechanical drive

The SGT-700 package offers you a small footprint and excellent serviceability. It features a modular and flexible design with single-lift capability.
The driver for both the power generation and the mechanical drive package is the same.

A gas turbine package includes:
Gas turbine, enclosure, base frame, air intake, exhaust, lubricating systems, starter system, vibration monitoring system, firefighting system, package ventilation system, instrumentation, gas detection, fuel systems, gearbox (if needed).

SGT-700-based power plants

For combined cycle and cogeneration (combined heat and power – CHP), Siemens offers a broad range of power plant configurations and scopes based on the SGT-700 gas turbine. For combined cycle, 1x1 or 2x1 configurations are part of the standardized portfolio.

Excellent CC and CHP efficiency

High combined cycle performance: In a 2x1 combined cycle configuration, the power output is 91.6 MW(e) at a net plant efficiency of 53.1%.

Comprehensive services to support you

Our comprehensive portfolio of services provides low life cycle cost and optimum performance throughout the turbine’s life cycle: Long Term Programs (LTP), overhaul service, field service, spare parts, service exchange, remote diagnostic service, and modernization and upgrades.

With only 17 scheduled maintenance days over a 15-year service cycle, the SGT-700 provides excellent operational availability.

Whether scheduled service or short-term support, our specialists are there for you, on-site or off-site all over the world. Our 24-hour global help desk ensures you peace of mind.

Excellent fuel flexibility

The SGT-700 offers best-in-class fuel flexibility that allows for high content of inert gases, hydrogen and heavy hydrocarbons:

  • Ethane 100%
  • Propane 100%
  • Butanes and heavy alkanes 15%
  • Hydrogen up to 55%
  • Nitrogen 40%
  • H₂S 3%

The SGT-700 requires low gas supply pressure at site: 28 bar(a) / 406 psi(a).
Fuel changeover (gas to liquid fuel and liquid fuel to gas) on load.

Low emission capability

The combustor and burner design give world-class emission performance over a wide load range and are capable of low NOₓ emission levels.
Low emission levels are also received on liquid fuel without need of water injection.

Emissions for 100 – 50% load, NOₓ at 15% O₂:

  • Natural gas: ≤ 15 – 25 ppmv
  • Diesel No. 2: ≤ 42 – 58 ppmv

Emissions for 100 - 50% load, CO at 15% O₂:

  • Natural gas: ≤ 10 – 25 ppmv
  • Diesel No. 2: ≤ 25 ppmv

(Emissions depend upon site conditions, required load range and other project-specific data.) 

Technical data

Performance data for simple cycle power generation

*NOₓ emissions at 15% O₂ on fuel gas (with DLE)

Performance data combined cycle power generation

All combined cycle performance is based on 2 pressure, no reheat.

Performance data for mechanical drive

*NOₓ emissions at 15% O₂ on fuel gas (with DLE)

Physical dimensions and weight

Dimensions exclude inlet filter housing and exhaust stack. For power generation, the AC generator is included. For mechanical drive, the driven equipment is excluded.

The SGT-700 is suitable for the following applications and industries:


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Proven in commercial operation: reference highlights

More than 85 units have been sold with over 2 million equivalent operating hours. The fleet-leading gas turbine has over 100,000 equivalent operating hours.



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