Flexible, reliable with best-in-class performance

With maximized uptime, top-class performance, and a low environmental footprint, the SGT-750 offers you high lifetime profitability. It is a perfect choice for the oil and gas industry as well as for industrial power generation.

The SGT-750 is a lightweight industrial gas turbine designed and developed to incorporate the size and weight advantages of the aeroderivative gas turbine while maintaining the robustness, flexibility and longevity of the traditional heavy-duty industrial gas turbine.

Highlights of the SGT-750 gas turbine

The SGT-750 has the highest efficiency and power in its class combined with Dry Low Emissions (DLE). As a result, you can expect lowest lifecycle operating costs and the best possible return on investment. Even running on part load, the SGT-750 keeps the highest efficiency and at the same time an increased time between overhauls, with guaranteed emissions of 9 ppm NOₓ.

The combustor and burner designs provide you with a world-class emission performance over a wide load range and are capable of single-digit NOₓ emission levels. The SGT-750 can guarantee 9 ppm NOₓ down to a 20% load. Designed to reduce environmental impact, the SGT-750 gas turbine will help you meet even the strictest emission regulations worldwide.

The SGT-750 is the perfect option for power generation and offers a wide range of solutions, from stand-alone installations to complete power plants, industrial or oil and gas, onshore or offshore.
The fast start-up and cycling capabilities support intermediate to continuous operation. Lightweight and compact design allows for quick installation and easy maintenance.

We offer a full range of extended scope and turnkey solutions for mechanical drive applications. With decades of experience, we are able to design and implement any application, whatever the requirements are:


  • Compressor applications (e.g., gas injection, gas processing, LNG, FLNG and pipelines)
  • Pump applications (water injection and fluid transmission projects)

The SGT-750 features a specifically service-friendly design:


  • Rollout for 24-hours gas generator swap
  • Easy on-site or off-site maintenance designed for only 17 maintenance days in 17 years
  • All components feature a modular design with best accessibility
  • Easy access for borescope inspection
  • IR cameras for early detection of possible deviations

The SGT-750 offers broad operational flexibility to satisfy your individual, market-specific requirements. With a twin-shaft design and a generic driver, you can use the SGT-750 in power generation or mechanical drive, onshore or offshore.


For example:

Highest performance at extreme conditions, from arctic to desert conditions, fast start capability, quick load variations like load rejections or instant loading, wide fuel range, roll-and-pitch capability and free power turbine are just some of the operational benefits.

Ingenious design to the core

The SGT-750 gas turbine is designed to meet the highest demands for efficiency, reliability, uptime and environmental compatibility.

The SGT-750 gas generator consists of a 13-stage axial air compressor with an EB-welded rotor for robustness. Two variable guide vanes in the compressor offer optimized performance even in the most extreme conditions.
The combustion system consists of 8 cans and 8 transition ducts. The system is suitable for both liquid and gaseous fuels and the design provides for outstanding ease of maintenance and exchangeability without casing disassembly.
The SGT-750 has a free 2-stage power turbine with a nominal shaft speed of 6,100 rpm.  For mechanical drive, it can run at between 50 and 105% of the speed. The turbine can be optimized for all ambient conditions, from cold to hot climates.

SGT-750 package

The SGT-750 is delivered as a complete package. The package is a module as carefully designed as the core engine. Supporting systems and customized solutions interact closely to create an entity that delivers secured return on investment.

The modular build-up facilitates swift disassembly and parts replacement, and with a 24-hour engine swap time, downtime can be kept to an absolute minimum.

All SGT-750 package options are available as single lift and share the same driver for mechanical drive and power generation which increases the operational reliability.

The SGT-750 fires up

With maximized uptime, top-class performance, and a low environmental footprint, the SGT-750 industrial gas turbine offers you a high lifetime profitability and is a perfect choice for the oil and gas industry as well as industrial power generation.
Fast start-up and cycling capabilities support both intermediate and continuous operation.
Siemens offers a wide range of solutions for power generation, from stand-alone installations to complete power plants for industrial and onshore or offshore power generation, and the oil and gas industry.

17 maintenance days in 17 years

Our comprehensive portfolio of services provides low life cycle cost and optimum performance throughout the turbine’s life cycle: Long Term Programs (LTP), overhaul service, field service, spare parts, service exchange, remote diagnostic service, and modernization and upgrades.

Serviceability and maximized uptime have been a top priority during the development of the SGT-750.

With 68,000 equivalent operating hours (EOH's) to first major overhaul and a service plan with only 17 maintenance days in 17 years, the SGT-750 offers highest operational availability. On-site or off-site maintenance are the two alternatives of executing planned service. There is no need for special workshops. When operating on lower loads, the time between overhauls can be easily increased by thousands of hours.

All models of the SGT-750 are mapped with infrared cameras during scheduled inspections and during the engine delivery test.

Maximum fuel capability with minimum environmental impact

The fourth-generation DLE burner allows for excellent fuel flexibility. Your SGT-750 will operate on gases with high content of inert gases, hydrogen or heavy hydrocarbons as required, without any impact on maintenance or emission levels. The engine is capable to burn up to 40 vol% of hydrogen (H2).


The SGT-750 offers dual-fuel capability for all applications. It is designed to meet your individual operating criteria, including a reliable start, and changeover between fuels. The automatic changeover from gaseous to liquid fuel, and back again, can be executed at any load.

Emissions as low as 9 ppm NOₓ – down to 20% load

The SGT-750 is equipped with a fourth-generation Dry Low Emissions (DLE) system for clean combustion over a wide load range, ensuring a small environmental footprint. With this gas turbine you will comply with both global and regional regulations.

The absence of burner staging allows for rapid load changes and the system is suitable for both liquid and gaseous fuels.

The design gives a world-class emission performance over a wide load range with single-digit NOₓ capability.

Technical data

Performance data for simple cycle power generation

*NOₓ emissions at 15% O₂ on fuel gas (with DLE)

SCC-750: Performance data for combined cycle power plant

All combined cycle performance is based on 2 pressure, no reheat.

Performance data for mechanical drive

The SGT-750 can be configured to any power rating from 34 to 41 MW.

*NOₓ emissions at 15% O₂ on fuel gas (with DLE)

Physical dimensions and weight

The above dimensions exclude inlet filter housing and exhaust stack. For power generation, an AC generator is included.
For mechanical drive, driven equipment is excluded.

The SGT-750 is suitable for the following applications and industries:


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Satisfied customers worldwide: SGT-750 reference highlights

The SGT-750 has a track record of proven and verified results after years in operation and satisfied customers in both power generation and mechanical drive applications such as pipeline and liquefied natural gas (LNG).



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