SGT5-4000F heavy-duty gas turbine (50 Hz)

Trusted F-class technology for reliable performance

    Rotate product

    Proven rotor with internal cooling air passages for fast cold and hot restart capability

    Annular combustion chamber for easy and fast maintenance

    Improved part-load efficiency due to 3 stages of fast-acting variable guide vanes

    Low NOx burners for gaseous and liquid fuels.

    Hydraulic Clearance Optimization (HCO) improves performance due to reduced clearance losses

    Simple cycle power generation (ISO) 0 MW(e)

    Combined cycle efficiency: 59.7%

    Robust gas turbine with extensive fleet experience


    Outstanding performance, proven in commercial operation

    The robust SGT5-4000F gas turbine has been optimized for outstanding performance and excellent efficiency. Easy maintenance results in short outages, making sure your gas turbine achieves highest availability. Its internal cooling air passages support reliable long-term operation and a fast start-up capability. Hydraulic Clearance Optimization (HCO) reduces clearance losses to increase  gas turbine efficiency and minimize degradation at start-up and shutdown.

    SGT5-4000F gas turbine highlights

    The proven SGT5-4000F gas turbine is characterized by high performance, low power generation costs, long intervals between inspections, and a service-friendly design. Optimized flow and cooling add up to high gas turbine efficiency and very economical power generation in combined cycle applications. 

    The gas turbine boasts excellent fast cold start and hot restart capabilities thanks to the light and stiff rotor with internal cooling air passages, the advanced annular combustion system and the Hydraulic Clearance Optimization (HCO) active clearance control. 

    The SGT5-4000F achieves combined cycle base load within 30 min for hot start.

    Extensive experience in commercial operation means that you can rely on proven and validated package and plant concepts that enable early power generation in simple cycle. Projects are implemented quickly. Since no external rotor air cooler is required, this simplifies the plant integration even further.

    The engine's blade design is based on proven materials and tried and tested know-how, while incorporating the latest aerodynamic technologies. The first three turbine stages are thermal barrier-coated. Your benefit: long service life and low maintenance. 

    The SGT5-4000F offers dual fuel capability and tolerates fuels within a wide Wobbe range. You might need to adjust the burner configuration when the Wobbe index of the fuel gas varies by more than ±15%.  

    The SGT5-4000F combustion system is able to handle different fuel compositions, e.g. natural gas with high contents on hydrogen (up to 30 vol%), propane, ethylene and butane, as well as inert gases (N2, CO2, He, Ar, etc.). Furthermore, the SGT5-4000F combustion system is able to run on fuels with higher amounts of impurities, such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S) of up to 4000 ppm. The fuel system can switch over quickly between fuel gas and fuel oil and vice versa.

    Wet Compression option

    Wet Compression (WetC) increases the power output by injecting water into the gas turbine inlet. This optional SGT5-4000F feature can be used for peak-load machines to benefit from high electricity prices.

    WetC enhances the turbine performance by reducing compressor inlet temperatures and increasing the mass flow throughout the turbine. Excess fog droplets evaporate in the compressor and produce an additional intercooling effect.


    Chiller System option

    The chiller is a heat exchanger, which cools down the compressor intake air in order to increase the gas turbine base load performance. The system can decrease the compressor inlet temperature far below the dew point of the ambience.
    A chiller system can generate benefits in dry regions, where the high water consumption of other inlet air cooling options is undesirable.


    Evaporative Cooling option

    The system decreases compressor inlet temperature through humidification, raises relative humidity and increases the air mass flow, resulting in higher turbine output power and efficiency.
    Evaporative cooling is the favorable system in dry and hot ambient.

    With its high steam raising capability, the SGT5-4000F is excellently suited for cogeneration or combined heat an power (CHP) applications, e.g, for


    • seawater desalination
    • process steam
    • district heating

    For combined cycle applications with CHP, you can use a condensing or backpressure steam turbine, with or without steam extraction.

    The SGT5-4000F entered the market in 1996.

    Today, more than 350 turbines are sold worldwide, and the installed fleet has an accumulated fleet experience of more than 17 million equivalent operating hours (EOHs). The fleet reliability exceeds 99%.

    Ingenious design to the core

    Characterized by its robust design, the SGT5-4000F boasts a proven 15-stage axial flow compressor, a durable annular combustion system, and a fully air-cooled 4-stage turbine. The moderate compressor pressure ratio provides a low impact on critical components.

    The rotor is based on self-centering and -aligning discs with Hirth serration and central tie rod, providing you with the advantage of fast and easy on-site rotor destacking and balancing. Internal cooling air passages reduce the stress on critical components and ensure a long service life.

    SGT5-4000F package

    The gas turbine package for the SGT5-4000F consists of the core turbine, the generator (SGen5-2000P or SGen5-2000H) and auxiliary systems. We offer you a standardized basic design with options geared to your specific requirements. By using standard components and preassembly or prepackaging we achieve short installation times, with staggered delivery and early shipment of main components. We group subsystems and install them in separate auxiliary packages to minimize field assembly.

    The SGT5-4000F fires up

    SGT5-4000F-based combined cycle plants have the capability for fast start-up. With these plants, you can achieve combined cycle base load in less than 30 min for hot start.

    High load gradients allow for fast load changes. With excellent peaking capability, and high part load efficiency complying with emission regulations down to lower part load, this is your profitable solution for competitive energy markets with fluctuating power demand.

    Easy maintenance, high availability

    We offer Long Term Programs (LTP), overhaul services, field service, spare parts, reconditioning of components and modernization upgrades. Whether scheduled service or short-term support, our specialists are there for you, on-site all over the world.

    The rotor of the SGT5-4000F can be de-stacked on site. All compressor and turbine blades are replaceable without rotor de-stack or lift. Thanks to borescope ports, the compressor and turbine vanes can be visually inspected without lifting the cover, preventing unnecessary maintenance. 

    The advanced annular combustion chamber with individually replaceable heat shields allows for fast and easy walk-in maintenance.

    Fuel flexibility matters

    Whatever your needs may be: The SGT5-4000F offers dual fuel capability and tolerates fuels within a wide Wobbe range of ±15%, as well as many different fuel compositions, e.g.  contents of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) of up to 4000ppm and contents of hydrogen (H2) of up to 30 vol%.


    Low emissions

    This gas turbine features a low NOₓ combustion system for minimal NOₓ and CO emissions, suitable for gaseous and liquid fuels. It offers emission compliance over a wide load range.

    Emissions on fuel gas at 15% O₂, without water injection: NOₓ ≤ 15 ppmvd;  CO ≤ 10 ppmvd

    Technical data

    Technical data for the SGT5-4000F

    Performance data for simple cycle power generation

    NOₓ emissions at 15% O₂ at ISO ambient conditions.

    SCC5-4000F: Performance data for combined cycle power plant

    Physical dimensions and weight


    The SGT5-4000F is suitable for the following applications and industries:


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    SGT5-4000F reference highlights

    Today, around 350 turbines have been sold. The installed fleet has accumulated an impressive fleet experience of over 17 million equivalent operating hours, and a fleet ­reliability of more than 99%.



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